Comcast To Challenge Google And Amazon As A Smart Home Hub

One of the decisions that people have to make when building a home is the security feature. Is it enough to install security window screens and security doors to keep the burglar away or does the home need wired sensors connected to a home security system? In smart homes, security cameras can be controlled through voice commands.

Cable giant Comcast may soon be the commander of the smart home, not Amazon or Google. Comcast is currently testing a program, which would allow broadband-only customers to use their televisions as smart home hubs. The program will use Comcast’s existing hardware and software to power its X1 video service that will allow the TV in internet-only households to control security cameras integrated with voice command and connected light bulbs.

Amazon and Google have dominated the battle as the systems to be used when consolidating and controlling smart home devices like thermostats and connected locks. Google and Amazon have invested heavily to ensure that their systems will be the standard go-to device once smart homes become the norm.

According to a person in the know, Comcast’s test program streams internet videos through apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon but the cable giant is not competing with Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. Comcast is developing a product for broadband-only customers that will allow them to aggregate streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube through voice remote.

Comcast has already built a platform that will support smart home devices like connected door locks, thermostats and lights with support through the TV. X1 system has already integrated video streaming services and it has a remote that will respond to voice commands. Google and Amazon have emerged as the leaders in the smart speaker market with Amazon Echo holding 70% of the market and Google Home with 25%.

A security option for the home that does not require software is security window screens that do not include any intrusive bars or grills. An uninterrupted view can still be enjoyed through the windows because there are no objects that will block the environment. The window screens have superior strength to deter unwanted intruders.