Ceramics Of Italy Tile Competition Opens For Year 2019

Everywhere we go, every establishment and building, there are tiles everywhere. There are different kinds of tiles from outdoor floor tiles to specifically designed wall tiles. The trend is never ending that is why every year there is an event Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition. For 2019, the contest is going to be held for the 26th consecutive year.

This is a competition open to every designer and architect as long as they make sure that their design is done with ceramics and porcelain tile material from Italy. All throughout the history, tile has been used in building construction and it is here to stay. Due to modern technology and the innovative measures developed, building materials are not as plain and basic as before yet the aesthetics of tiles and ceramics remains to be the driving force behind its popularity.

For 2019, the competition is open to every designer and architect that is interested to create their project while employing Italian ceramic tiles. The end result should not only be functional but also original and beautiful. Big names in the industry have won the contest before including Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Gensle, Studio Libeskind and Cooper Carry among many others.

For the winner of the commercial category in the previous year, Studio Libeskind, the company utilized stone tiles and embedded 3D geometric pattern in order to create an accent for a building’s exterior look. It was for the building called Sapphire which is a residential project located in Berlin, Germany. The building was the first project constructed for Libeskind within the area.

The shape of the windows and the angle of the walls complemented the stone tiles which helped in the overall look of the building. This project which was created in partnership with CasalgrandePadana, is the first of many that will be created through the competition.

There are three categories in total. The project can be completed in local or international locations but the designers and architects should be based in North America. It could be outdoor floor tiles or an indoor wall tiles as long as it meets the criteria.