Canadian Family Lawyers Expecting Separations As Courts Reopen

COVID-19 has greatly affected the world at large, with companies and major organizations like the WHO keeping close tabs on the pandemic, with data that can be found on their website and in many other places.

Canada’s courts have only recently reopened following the country getting the pandemic under control, and family lawyers in the country are expecting an upsurge in separation cases.

Toronto law firm Nussbaum Family Law noted it’s seeing a 20% upsurge in inquiries from people considering separation and divorce compared to before the novel coronavirus, with additional data that can be found on their website on the matter. One of their practicing lawyers even predicted that Canada’s divorce rate will skyrocket when the pandemic passes.

Senior family lawyer Barry Nussbaum states that there’s an extremely high chance that divorce and separation will go up in Canada, as they’re following what Ital and China went through, in terms of legal proceedings, which are showing statistics of increasing separation and divorce.

Nussbaum explained that the couples that have marital issues when the restrictions for lockdown came down saw their issues come to the surface thanks to being stuck at home together for such an extended period. He added that the COVID-19 has also led to financial stress, boredom, and a lack of personal space and time, on top of the conflicts regarding household responsibilities and kids.

Nussbaum says that all of the stress from these factors means that any relationship’s issues get magnified.

B.C. family lawyer Briana Hardwick stated that she understands the stress that people are going through in COVID-19 times, but people should wait until the extraordinarily stressful times passes, because making such big decisions while under such duress means that even functional and workable relationships are jeopardized.

Hardwick acts as the Family Law Department Head at Rush Ihas Hardwick LLP, and reported that she sees about 6-10 separation consultations weekly since the COVID-19 pandemic started in Canada.

Other lawyers are talking about the matter, noting how most couples don’t have the communication and empathy skills needed to stay with each other 24/7, explaining that some couples do need time away from each other to make their time together more special or, at worst, more palatable.