Branching Out Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The fifth season of Shark Tank featured the makers of ugly Christmas sweaters from Tipsy Elves – Nicklaus Morton and Evan Mendelsohn – and its now booming company. The reality show is where Robert Herjavec made a deal with the two and invested on their company that makes and sells ugly Christmas sweaters. Robert even admitted that by far, Tipsy Elves, is the company where his investment really made a huge success. The deal involves the exchange of $100,000 and they are to give Robert 10 per cent of their business. After being featured in the show, the company has now made an expansion and selling other apparels as well such as college sweaters, t-shirts and jumpsuits. On their latest appearance, the founders met with Robert and presented to him their latest products as well as an update on the yearly review of the business.

Morton and Mendelsohn shared how they attended the same university when they were in college and expressed their disappointments whenever they need to go to a party and wear ugly Christmas sweaters. The pair would usually buy from the thrift store and all they were able to get are vintage sweaters made for women. With the knowledge of the lack of shops when it comes to buying ugly Christmas sweaters, the pair used the power of internet marketing and were able to find out how there was an online demand but not enough supply for the products. This is when they started the company.

Their business started in 2011 and they were able to provide more options when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters that will suit the younger generation. Aside from that, their designs are classic but with a hint of modern styles and a topping of crude humor to make it more appealing to the audience.

Morton shared how they figured out everything on their own – from the manufacturing of the apparel, to making their own website and using social media in order to market their products. The latest development is that the company was able to get out of the ugly Christmas sweaters niche and release more products such as T-shirts, fanny packs and socks.