An Innovative Solution To Cable Management By Legrand

Legrand Group is known to be a worldwide specialist when it comes to electrical as well as digital building infrastructures. The company has been in partnership with another group based in Kuwait, the Al Mulla Group. The two groups hosted an event last month in order to bring together all the construction community that is currently in the country. In the same event, these attendees were able to see the latest innovation that was launched by their partnership with regards to wiring devices as well as cable management.

When it comes to options in functions, Legrand Group is known to have a wide array of choices in finishes to be used according to electrical standards, be it a standard or a luxury type of project. Despite their already many options when it comes to wiring devices, the group also launched the upgraded model of Synergy. It now comes in four available series – Metlaclad, White, Sleek Design and Authentic. The upgraded version now boasts a function suitable for hotel and offices, sockets dedicated for USB charging, a finish that is resilient to fingerprints, blue LED as an indicator as well as metal rockers that matches the product. These are all manufactured in United Kingdom.

The event also highlighted another offering by Legrand together with its known brands, SEICO and Electrak, and it is a complete range of solutions concerning cable management. The new solutions will be integrated into the office thereby providing the users with not just functionality and comfort but ergonomics and speedy installations in different areas of a work building as well. These solutions include pop-up boxes, data desk grommets as well as power that can be incorporated into different areas of the building such as open space offices, meeting rooms and individual offices. Electrak, one of the brands promoted by Legrand, offers clients a powertrack and a busbar that can be installed under the floors for installations involving the floor cavity. SEICO, on the other hand, brings to the table the earthing and lightning protections systems to make sure that no lightning will damage the building, cause losses of data and services, damage equipment, security systems and especially human lives. Cable management is important thus companies are investing into cable wiring experts and other solutions provided in their area.