5G And Internet Of Things Offer New Functions To Logistics Companies

It is very likely for a specialist logistics company to benefit from 5G, the high performance network. Most consumer goods like clothing and accessories, TV’s and laptops travel thousands of miles before they reach the final destination. The use of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver real time information to systems so that they could track the item from the factory to customer.

The logistics industry that includes shipping, air and train freight is one of the major employers of the United Kingdom. According to results of market research, more than 56,000 businesses are directly supported by the logistics sector. At least 2.2 million or 8% of the total UK workforce are employed by logistics providers.

Most parcels spend their time in transit. The goods are initially logged out from manufacturing plants, warehouses and delivery depots but very little real time information exists during the journey between these points. When 5G or IoT is used, live information can be delivered to systems to track the goods from factory to consumer.

For example, a batch of OLED television sets are produced in a factory located in China’s industrial zone. After the TV’s are manufactured, they are loaded to a reusable plastic palette that has been fitted with an IoT sensor. While the TV makes its journey from the factory to the warehouse, the sensor would send information about journey time, traffic surge spots and changes in ambient temperature.

Information will be stored on the cloud and used when there is a need to improve services. After the TV’s have been delivered to the warehouse, they would be loaded to similar plastic palettes that could record the journey from the warehouse to the distribution centre to the customer. When the adoption of 5G is enhanced with IoT devices, real time tracking will provide data with absolute accuracy.

Full transparency on the status of your equipment is provided by specialist logistics company through the central management of all order-related data. The logistics company has partners with the expertise, competitive advantage and local presence to ensure that a consistent high level of service is provided throughput the equipment’s journey.