4 Benefits Of Rotary Dryers

There are several reasons why rotary dryers are utilized in industrial settings especially in mineral and food processing industries. The machine is used for drying bulk solids or basically to reduce liquid and moisture content of materials by subjecting it to direct heated gas.

The rotary dryer comes with a big rotating cylinder component called drum shell. It works by allowing drying air or process gas to flow through the drum and come in direct contact with the subject being dried. Rotary dryers are generally used in post-drying and pre-conditioning stages wherein post-drying involves the reduction of moisture content of the final product while pre-conditioning is the drying of material before the actual processing.

Among the numerous benefits of rotary dryers, here are four of them.

  1. Customized processing. One of the reasons why processing industries choose rotary dryers is due to the machines capability to customize its products. A standard rotary dryer yields generic outputs. However, there are rotary dryers that enable operators to customize the drying process in order to optimize efficiency. To customize outputs, consider the characteristics of the materials being dried and tailor the settings to these characteristics.
  2. Superior products. Rotary dryers are known to dry granules and pellets like no other. Compared to other dryers in the market, rotary dryers are more preferred by operators because of the machine’s efficiency. It also has its refining capabilities that materials fed to the machine comes out round and polished without the loose edges due to its tumbling action on the material’s bed during drying.
  3. Tough applications capabilities. Rotary dryers are proven to be more reliable in heavy-duty applications. Although they can be used in polishing and drying fine granules, they can also be employed for drying heavier and tougher materials such as those in the mining industry. The usual materials used with rotary dryers include ores, minerals, gypsum, phosphates, limestone and potash.

Reliable processing. One of the strengths of rotary dryers is its ability to yield high-quality consistent output despite inconsistent feedstock. A rotary dryer can be fed with uneven, coarse, wet or dry material but it will always produce evenly dried finish product.