3 Tips For Pocket-Friendly Branded Merchandise

The truth is, giving away branded merchandise to your target customers can mean allocating a good amount of money for your marketing or branding. To be realistic about it, consider the costs as expenses and not investments so for you not to expect anything in return. If you want to keep your branding expenses at a minimum level, take a look at these ideas.

Ask for cost estimates

There are different types of promo strategies. There are those who target select individuals such as high end or important customers while there are strategies that involve giving away products to the general public. If your business targets the general consuming public, it is would be best to order branded merchandise in bulk to reach moreprospects. To reduce your expenses while reaching more targets, avoid looking for the cheapest items but find out where you can stretch your money’s worth. Ask for cost estimates from different product suppliers. This way, you will have an idea how much you are going to budget for the promo items and where you can order the merchandise at a pocket-friendly price. Choose a supplier that offers free shipping or free delivery to reduce your expenses.

Opt for bulk orders

Most suppliers offer bigger discounts among customers with higher quantities for orders. There are even suppliers who proactively offer promos and deals to attract more customers. There are those who offer deals and packagesto further lower their customer’s promotional costs. If you want to reach more customers without spending beyond your budget, go for more affordable yet effective promo items such as key chains, pens, key holders, lanyards and coasters, among others. These types of promo items are cheaper but they can go a long way in terms of popularizing your brand.

Search for great deals

To reduce your overall costs for branded merchandise, look for a supplier with lots of customer-friendly deals such money back guarantee and free shipping. When visiting a website, always click the deals and promo tabs to find items on discount. Read customer testimonials and feedback to determine the experiences of other customers from the supplier.