When It’s Time To Get Your Boiler Repaired

One can get annoyed and furious when their boiler breaks down. The greatest chance of having a break down can be in the middle of winter when everything seems so cold and you need to be provided with warmth. Now, it’s time to get your boiler repaired as it can greatly affect the health and safety of everyone inside the home.

Should your boiler break down, then you can easily troubleshoot the problem by checking the boiler’s manual. It can explain the fault codes and let’s you know if you need to fix it yourself or seek a professional to do the job. If you don’t have a manual, you can download it from the Internet.

Most Common Boiler Faults

Most of the serious boiler problems are hard to fix if you don’t have the knowledge and skills. You need a highly trained heating professional to do the repairs and ensure safety for everyone. Besides, seeking a job from a professional will ensure the boiler’s warranty is intact.

However, if you want to cut down expenses and prefer it to do yourself, below are some common boiler faults you can do:

  • Frozen Boiler Condensate Pipe

During cold snap, you can expect a frozen condensate pipe that breaks your boiler down. It’s not really a fault but if the condensate pipe freezes, the boiler will automatically shut down to ensure safety.  Before it’s time to get your boiler repaired and call a professional, know how to defrost the pipe safely by following a guide. If you can’t do it, seek a professional for help.

  • Boiler Losing Pressure

Your boiler may probably lose pressure at any time. It will eventually cause leaks where you have recently bled your radiator while the system lost pressure, or it could be your heating that has been turned off for some time and lost pressure. You can do the repressurise of your system to a desired pressure or have a professional do it to ensure safety.

  • Water Leaking from the Boiler

Leaking can happen due to old, corroded washers. You will need a professional to open up the boiler and replace it.

If you have no knowledge and experience to repair the boiler, opt for a professional. Be ready to spend some money when it’s time to get your boiler repaired.

February 2nd, 2019 by