Ddos Attacks Wrecking Havoc In US Websites

People all over the United States are getting a little crazy wondering what is happening to their favorite websites. At seven in the morning of Friday, ET, people on the East Coast found out that sites like Twitter, Spotify, Etsy, Netflix and software code-management service GitHub were thrown off the loop. It seems that hackers has managed to flood Dyn, one of US biggest internet management companies with junk mail which has effectively shutdown services and websites throughout the region.

Late Friday, Dyn announced that the issue has been resolved and that the attacks were over but East Coast outages returned with a vengeance by midday. Customers of Amazon Web Services experienced error in established connectivity with a small number of AWS endpoints that were hosted in North Virginia. Amazon said the problem has been resolved although some websites are still experiencing the effects. People have reported that they are experiencing problems accessing Twitter.

Hackers used distributed denial of service attack or more popularly called as DDoS. The attack has conscripted a large number of devices that are being used to connect to the internet like computers, routers and security cameras to create a botnet that will cripple the servers of Dyn. Everything fell apart last Friday morning when Dyn was overwhelmed by the attackers.

DDoS attacks have been quite common since the introduction of the internet but lately they have become rather powerful. One example is the DDoS attack on the website of security expert Brian Krebs that was hit with 660 gigabits per second of traffic. The attack on Dyn was launched on the same malicious software that was used against Krebs and a French website OVH. Given the increasing number of DDoS attacks, providers like Dyn are scrambling to increase their bandwidth capacity so as to withstand any attack.

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November 23rd, 2016 by