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October 19th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Logistics and trucking providers like Titan Transline were already making great strides towards digital transformation when the world was hit by the coronavirus. While disruptions in the supply chain were quite common, it is the uncertainty and far-reaching implications of the pandemic that highlighted the importance of integrated and digital capability.

Over the last three decades, supply chain management has evolved from a merely operational function that focused strongly on logistics and basic demand to an independent and strategic role to ensure better performance and customer satisfaction.

Evolution in the supply chain has included advanced digital technologies like Internet of Things, sensors, robotics, cutting-edge analytics and other modern technologies to eliminate waste and enhance the experience of customers. While many of the disruptions caused by the pandemic have been lessened, actions taken during the crisis continue to influence the journey towards digital supply chain.

Unexpected disruptions can cause confusion. The components of the supply chain like providers of raw materials, trucking and freight carriers may be interrupted for an unknown period. A business can make timely decisions if there is real-time access to reliable information. If there is a digital system in place, supply chains can capitalize on their resources like shared data, simple analytics tools and human talent.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there were disruptions in several segments of the supply chain. Logistics companies have to act quickly in order to understand what is happening at the ports, warehouse facilities and factories across the world. They had to implement contingency plans and provide updates to their customers. Digital tools were used to collect and monitor key data.

By implementing digital solutions to link existing platforms with customers, vendors, distribution centres and key systems, problems can be eliminated. It will allow improved production planning, inventory management and product fulfilment while reducing operational costs and increasing the agility of the supply chain.

Technology is very important to Titan Transline to provide positive customer service experiences. The company offers accurate tracking and real-time reporting on the status of the goods throughout the USA and Canada. Any questions or concerns are addressed immediately to eliminate any problems.

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July 12th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

 If you intend to transport hazardous materials, it is important that you utilize a specified truck such as those offered by to prevent the risks associated with transporting dangerous materials. Some of the dangers of transporting hazardous materials include fire, explosion, and damage of the vehicle while in transit, leaks, loss and theft and spills. Because of these associated hazards, it is critical that you only use a truck designed to transport hazardous materials. Here are some of the important details to keep in mind before transporting hazardous materials.

  • Identify the material and the hazards associated with it. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of dangers that can be caused by hazardous materials. This will help you in choosing the right type of truck to hire for the specific purpose. It is also important that you hire the service provider, such as in order for them to give you the right kind of truck for the service.
  • It is also important to do the right packaging before transporting the hazardous goods. Aside from using the right packaging, put correct labeling on the packages to inform those who will get into contact with the goods to take proper precaution in handling the packages. Indicate if the items are flammable, hazardous or containing toxic materials.
  • Another important thing to do is to follow proper handling procedures when loading or unloading the goods. If possible, let the transporting team handle the task as they are certainly trained and knowledgeable to handle such packages.
  • Find out if the truck that will carry the hazardous materials is equipped with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and if they are wearing the right safety gears such as googles, gloves and other forms of personal protective equipment. This will reveal how professional the company that will handle the cargo is.
  • In connection to that, choose a trucking company, such as with drivers who are certified to handle hazardous materials. You might want to ask for quotes from different service providers to determine which of them offers the most pocket-friendly service without affecting the quality of transporting service.

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March 15th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

When it comes to search engines, people tend to have preferences. Usually it’s Google, sometimes it’s YAHOO! Regardless, people don’t like it when it gets forcibly changed, or when suggestions to change it keep popping up. Things like King Kong SEO tend to be optimized for the most used search engine, as well.

So, when Microsoft announced that people who use Version 2002 of Office 365 ProPlus would have to use the Microsoft Search in Bing, it got a lot of flak, especially since the Office 365 ProPlus is the key point of all Office 365 subscriptions.

The swap of search engines within Chrome was to start in February 2020, and to end by July of the same year, depending on when the company’s IT departments had scheduled Office 365 ProPlus. According to the company’s statement regarding the matter, the Microsoft Search in Bing extension will come with new installations of the Office 365 ProPlus, or when existing installations get updated to the latest version, saying that Bing was needed in order to make Microsoft Search work.

Given the importance of SEO, and how big King Kong SEO reviews and the like, the backlash was swift and hard, with many comments wondering what Microsoft was doing, or openly mocking them for what was seen as an asinine move. Some even went so far as to equate the move to browser hijacking. There were also a lot of calls to Microsoft asking to make the idea an option, if they had no plans of getting rid of it.

In response, Microsoft has stated that they’re dropping the plan, stating that the Microsoft Search in Bing browser extension won’t be automatically deployed, adding that IT staff can instead opt-in, with Office 365 ProPlus only deploying  when chosen.

Some people have asked for clarification on the matter, saying that they need to clarify as their language in the statement isn’t clear enough.

Other people have called foul on Microsoft’s claim that people were looking forward to the Microsoft Search function, with mean saying that it’s a lie, and adding that there aren’t actually any good comments regarding the change.

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December 21st, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

There are some industries that require FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight. Some of these industries include food, freight or shipping, pharmaceuticals and moving industries, among others. If your business is inclined to hire trucks to meet your business demands, it is essential that you look for a company where you can get high quality service for business advantage. Here are some of the qualities in a trucking company that you should look for:

On-time service

Time is precious in service-oriented industries. A few minutes late could cost you valuable customers and time lost in business means potential profits lost. This is why you should hire a truck service company that recognizes how valuable time is for you and your customers. Read discussion boards to get customer feedback and find out how efficient your target company is when it comes to service delivery. You may also want to call the company’s frequent customers to get more information. If you see any indication that the company is delayed with their service delivery, look for another service provider.

Impressive truck equipment

When you hire FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight, you are putting a part of your business in the hands of the truck company. Make sure that your parcels or products are in good hands by checking the trucks and their equipment. As much as possible, choose a company that utilizes highly serviceable trucks without signs of accidents such as dents or breakage on the vehicle. Find out if the trucks that you are going to rent are regularly checked by qualified mechanics and if they have qualified drivers to perform the tasks for you.

Modern facilities 

One thing that will make the service delivery efficient is the use of modern communication and high-tech equipment. Before you hire FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight, find out how they do their tracking system and how they communicate with their drivers on field to ensure smooth service delivery. One of the latest devices for monitoring is the use of satellite tracking and internet load tracking. The use of internet to prove delivery is also a modern trend in the industry.

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