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October 24th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Online advertising, with its many videos and king kong advertising reviews, is big business. So when a major player makes an announcement, people take notice.

Naturally, a lot of people took notice when Google announced that they’ll be increasing the cost of advertising on their platform to cover the costs of new digital services taxes that have been implemented across Europe.

Google announced that starting November 1, advertising prices will go up by 2% in the UK, and 5% in Austria and Turkey, to compensate for the new levies put in place in those countries.

Google issued a statement on the matter, saying that they added Regulatory Operating Costs due to the costs and processing needed to comply with regulations in Turkey. Meanwhile, in Austria and the UK, the new digital services tax (DST) free is being implemented in response to the digital services taxes in these countries.

The tech giant stated that digital service taxes make digital advertising more expensive, something that would be bad for people invested in king kong advertising reviews and the like. They note that these kinds of increases typically end up on the customer, and they will continue paying their dues while encouraging national governments to focus on international tax reform.

The UK introduced the Digital Services Tax back in July 2019, intending to ensure social media platforms and search engines pay their due.

The tax came into effect on April 1, 2020, and charges any company that makes more than £25mn revenue in the UK, along with £500mn worldwide sales, 2%. The UK government hopes to bring in £500mn annually.


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October 22nd, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Ratings and reviews like king kong marketing reviews are the greatest sources of discovery and conversion. A trusted recommendation from a customer in the form of reviews and star ratings carries more weight than traditional advertisements.

However, reviews in the competitive landscape of IOS and Android are completely different. The mobile app ratings and reviews will depend on which app store they are competing in. From 2018 to 2019, the volume of star ratings in IOS apps grew by 158% while Android star ratings only increased by 44%.

Having an in-app rating prompt has made a big difference is encouraging ratings. In 2018, publishers have reset their apps all-time ratings and reviews which suddenly directed the average numbers down. More apps were published in the market in 2018 which dragged the averages down and then moved up in 2019.

In 2018, Apple removed apps from the App Store at an astonishing rate and then Apple started rebuilding in 2019 which potentially contributed to the increase in star ratings. Generally, there has always been more reviews on the Android Store because of the demographic differences of their customer base. Most of the users are younger and feel more involved and critical. Younger people have grown in the digital age and are used to writing all types of feedback.

For a digital agency, king kong marketing reviews are not just vanity metrics because they have serious effects on brand recognition and conversions. The opportunity of gaining more positive reviews is not ignored but encouraged by providing customers with quality service.

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October 22nd, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

It is very likely for customers who were satisfied with the digital agency’s services to leave positive king kong agency reviews online to influence other consumers. Maximizing the reach of positive reviews on review platforms and the website itself is a win-win situation for all businesses. Many customers also appreciate seeing their reviews being shared on a website as a powerful social proof.

AWS has introduced Code Guru, a new machine learning-based service that will automate code reviews and determine the most expensive line of code. The basis will be the data that the company has gathered from the code reviews that it has done internally.

Developers will write code and add Code Guru to pull in requests. Code Guru has used its knowledge of Amazon reviews and 10,000 open-source projects to check for issues and then comments on the pull requests as necessary. Aside from being able to identify issues, remediations will be suggested and links offered to the relevant documentation.

Encoded in Code guru are some of the best practices of AWS like finding concurrency issues, wrong handling of resources, and input validation issues. AWS and Amazon’s consumer’s side have used the profiler part of Code Guru to find the most expensive line of code over the past years. As a result, teams were able to increase their CPU utilization by more than 325% at 36% lower costs.

While king kong agency reviews are undeniably important for the digital agency, they benefit more from reviews that are posted on highly trusted platforms. The opinions become more credible because reviews are monitored properly.

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October 19th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Logistics and trucking providers like Titan Transline were already making great strides towards digital transformation when the world was hit by the coronavirus. While disruptions in the supply chain were quite common, it is the uncertainty and far-reaching implications of the pandemic that highlighted the importance of integrated and digital capability.

Over the last three decades, supply chain management has evolved from a merely operational function that focused strongly on logistics and basic demand to an independent and strategic role to ensure better performance and customer satisfaction.

Evolution in the supply chain has included advanced digital technologies like Internet of Things, sensors, robotics, cutting-edge analytics and other modern technologies to eliminate waste and enhance the experience of customers. While many of the disruptions caused by the pandemic have been lessened, actions taken during the crisis continue to influence the journey towards digital supply chain.

Unexpected disruptions can cause confusion. The components of the supply chain like providers of raw materials, trucking and freight carriers may be interrupted for an unknown period. A business can make timely decisions if there is real-time access to reliable information. If there is a digital system in place, supply chains can capitalize on their resources like shared data, simple analytics tools and human talent.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there were disruptions in several segments of the supply chain. Logistics companies have to act quickly in order to understand what is happening at the ports, warehouse facilities and factories across the world. They had to implement contingency plans and provide updates to their customers. Digital tools were used to collect and monitor key data.

By implementing digital solutions to link existing platforms with customers, vendors, distribution centres and key systems, problems can be eliminated. It will allow improved production planning, inventory management and product fulfilment while reducing operational costs and increasing the agility of the supply chain.

Technology is very important to Titan Transline to provide positive customer service experiences. The company offers accurate tracking and real-time reporting on the status of the goods throughout the USA and Canada. Any questions or concerns are addressed immediately to eliminate any problems.

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September 19th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

COVID-19 hit a lot of industries and institutions across the world pretty hard, with many having to adopt notable changes in order to adapt. Industries like digital advertising, with its king kong marketing reviews and the like, have gained traction in spite of current global conditions. Others haven’t been as lucky.

Educational institutions in the US have been working on getting students to apply and enrol, and have turned to digital marketing’s increasing clout for that, according to a report from Kivvit, a communications and marketing firm.

Kivvit’s higher ed research team published Higher Education Digital Advertising Trends in the Age of COVID-19 earlier in June 2020, which took a look at the social media advertising done by 416 of the US’s higher education institutions between the 12th of March and the 19th of May. Data was provided by digital advertising tracking firm Pathmatics, and the review also analysed data and content from the advertisement campaigns. Kivvit then used their internal ad performance measurements in order to see what the major ideas and themes were behind the educational institutions’ campaigns.

Kivvit Chief Innovation Officer Zach Silber says that the amount that universities were spending on digital advertising was something that was really noteworthy for them, as a lot of them seem to have opted to embrace digital advertising to make the most of online learning during shutdowns.

The research team noted Western Governors University, a private online university, as one of the biggest examples. The institution nearly quadrupled its Facebook ad expenditures over the course of a year, which is a clear indicator of a strategy.

Higher ed Facebook ad expenditure went up by 7%, compared to the prior year, in the 10-week period studied by the report, with US’s educational institutions spending a total of about $55 million. Average Facebook ad expenditure sat at $131,402 per institution, amounting to an approximate monthly cost of $54,000. Private online universities accounted for the largest increases.

Brick-and-mortar schools also boosted their ad expenditures, with University of Florida, and Purdue promoting their online programs, while UC Berkeley and MIT promoted online tech courses.

Public institutions didn’t up their ad expenditures that much, but they still upped by about the same rate (21%) as the private institutions.

Silber says that the key for institutions is to consider things like king kong marketing reviews; how the people see them and their offerings. Visibility, he notes is the key, and educational institutions need to keep that in mind.


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September 18th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Actively managing king kong agency reviews requires continuous commitment. Reviews offer a unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with customers. Consumers trust reviews in the same way they trust personal recommendations.

Meanwhile, computers have become indispensable to people across the world. Modern educational strategies want every elementary school student to have a computer as an essential educational tool. Many businesses are helping to fund a program to make tablet computers available to every child.

However, the advantage of having a computer can be limited if there is no access to the internet. European countries are trying to make the internet available to all its citizens. According to France’s Supreme Court, the internet is a basic right. Finland is the first country to declare that broadband internet access is a legal right.

Internet availability has become a critical component of education. However, a divide continues to grow between kids that have internet access and those who don’t. In some parts of the world, access to the internet has become a privilege.

Lack of internet access is the single biggest obstacle that prevents the less fortunate from competing. There are many issues that are being tackled by school boards but none of them are nearly as important as ensuring that all students have the necessary tools to be competitive.

Not only do king kong agency reviews generate trust among consumers; they increase online visibility and boost page rankings in search engine results. When a business gains a 5-star rating, it earns more clicks in search engine searches.

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August 4th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

COVID-19 has greatly affected the world at large, with companies and major organizations like the WHO keeping close tabs on the pandemic, with data that can be found on their website and in many other places.

Canada’s courts have only recently reopened following the country getting the pandemic under control, and family lawyers in the country are expecting an upsurge in separation cases.

Toronto law firm Nussbaum Family Law noted it’s seeing a 20% upsurge in inquiries from people considering separation and divorce compared to before the novel coronavirus, with additional data that can be found on their website on the matter. One of their practicing lawyers even predicted that Canada’s divorce rate will skyrocket when the pandemic passes.

Senior family lawyer Barry Nussbaum states that there’s an extremely high chance that divorce and separation will go up in Canada, as they’re following what Ital and China went through, in terms of legal proceedings, which are showing statistics of increasing separation and divorce.

Nussbaum explained that the couples that have marital issues when the restrictions for lockdown came down saw their issues come to the surface thanks to being stuck at home together for such an extended period. He added that the COVID-19 has also led to financial stress, boredom, and a lack of personal space and time, on top of the conflicts regarding household responsibilities and kids.

Nussbaum says that all of the stress from these factors means that any relationship’s issues get magnified.

B.C. family lawyer Briana Hardwick stated that she understands the stress that people are going through in COVID-19 times, but people should wait until the extraordinarily stressful times passes, because making such big decisions while under such duress means that even functional and workable relationships are jeopardized.

Hardwick acts as the Family Law Department Head at Rush Ihas Hardwick LLP, and reported that she sees about 6-10 separation consultations weekly since the COVID-19 pandemic started in Canada.

Other lawyers are talking about the matter, noting how most couples don’t have the communication and empathy skills needed to stay with each other 24/7, explaining that some couples do need time away from each other to make their time together more special or, at worst, more palatable.

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July 30th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

You are undoubtedly familiar with maps that are used for navigation. However, there is another type of map that is popularly used for marketing promotions – the illustrated map. Unlike the regular maps, the focus of illustrated maps is particular landscape features that represents a certain place. Examples of illustrated maps can be accessed if you go to their website.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is keeping both adults and children in their homes. Both use their computers or smartphones to work from home, study online or entertain themselves. The unprecedented demands on the internet make some people worry about a possible internet overload.

Netflix and YouTube have come with a solution to prevent internet overload by reducing streaming quality in Europe. EU officials have required individual users to refrain from using high definition video. Enormous amounts of internet traffic might disrupt their internet due to too much activity.

However, Paul Levinson, professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University said that the internet has an enormous amount of redundancies and backups in its system. This means that if one app or system goes down, it is very unlikely for the whole internet system to collapse.

Meanwhile, Luke Deryckx, chief technology officer of Ookla said that the real concern is not the internet infrastructure but the increasing number of end users that are sharing the same Wi-Fi system. Ookla has detected slowdowns in internet speeds mostly from residential places in New York and California. Other nations that suffered from the coronavirus outbreak like China and Italy also experienced noticeable internet slowdowns.

Video conferencing services that are being used for remote learning, conferences and entertainment are also experiencing internet sluggishness. Even if the internet service provider is working fine, Netflix and Zoom might struggle to keep up with the heavy volume of traffic.

While the internet is very essential in daily life, there are other important things to consider like promoting the brand. One of the more effective tools that can be used is illustrated maps that are guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience. More information is provided if you go to their website that explains how illustrated maps are created.

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July 1st, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

There is no shortage of digital agencies but not all of them receive positive King Kong marketing reviews from its own employees. Positive reviews for a company count a lot because clients ultimately choose the best to work with. Reviews also provide insight into how successful a company helps employees in reaching their goals.

Work for some companies during the pandemic has become busier than ever. The demand for computers has reached an all-time high because employees are required to work from home. PCs for People, an organization that offers low-cost computers and tech support in Cleveland works through its storefront on 31st and St. Clair in Cleveland.

According to the organization, demand for computers has gone up tenfold since the pandemic. From the usual 200 hundred computers per month, demand has gone up to more than a thousand per month. Executive director Bryan Mauk is happy to serve the community to provide people with what they need.

Meanwhile, donations for computers have also increased fivefold so that the organization has reached out to corporations that are recycling their computers. According to Mauk, they offer free data wiping and pick-up to corporations. The computers will be deployed to people who need them.

People need computers so that they can file for unemployment benefits, to apply for jobs or attend virtual job fairs. In Cleveland, it was found out that one in five households do not have a computer and internet access.

PCs for People has teamed up with Cuyahoga County and Ohio Means Job to provide computers and internet hot spots. Free kits include preloaded software like Windows 10 and 3 months free internet. After 3 months, people can access unlimited data that costs $16 per month. Aside from Cleveland, free kits are also delivered to Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Elyria, and Lorain.

An exceptional digital agency must provide outstanding results that are backed up by positive King Kong marketing reviews and client testimonials. It must have a proven track record of success with high results from marketing reviews. Tech teams must be confident and passionate experts who are dedicated and committed to working alongside clients.

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May 7th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

A criminal conviction can have a lasting effect on an individual. It can have impacts on a person’s various aspects and even the person’s well-being.  The good news is that there are law firms, such as Donich Law who can help those who want to avoid conviction and experience life-long effects such as the following:

On education

A student convicted of grave criminal offense, such as sexual violence faces the risk of getting expelled from the institution. He or she may also have difficulty in getting into another educational institution, especially the more reputable ones. A criminal record will also permanently remain in your records.


A conviction or criminal history will also make some prospective employers think twice on hiring you if you are an applicant. If you are currently employed, a conviction may lead the company to terminate its contract with you. Although you can hire Donich Law to ensure that your labor rights are protected even after your employer decided to let your go.


In cases where professional doctors, pharmacists, engineers or other licensed career holders are convicted with a criminal charge, their license may be revoked or they could receive sanctions from regulatory bodies, especially if the crime was in relation to their profession. The professional with criminal history may also find it challenging to secure a job post. However, if you or a family member experience discrimination in the workplace or from your potential employers, you can always refer to the Human Rights Code for your protection or you can also seek legal assistance from a reputable law firm.


Being convicted of a criminal offense means that one was proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt and this can no longer be removed from one’s record for as long as he or she is alive. The good news is that there are expert law firms such as Donich Law who can mediate in your behalf in order to arrive at an amicable settlement or win-win arrangement.  Make sure that you hire lawyers who have ample experience in litigation and defense and those who are known to protect the rights of individuals, regardless if they are accused or petitioner.

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April 25th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Most Americans rarely have problems with their home internet service. If they want to know more about illustrated maps, they can easily search the internet and come up with results in just a few seconds. However, millions of people are now working and studying from home due to the pandemic and internet networks are strained to the hilt.

A tech worker from Palo Alto, California had to use work apps like video conferencing that eats a lot of data. He shares the internet service with his wife who is also working from home and children who are streaming movies. After 5 days of this activity, the internet service ground to a halt. No more video calls or big email attachments.

The internet’s underlying structure is strained and the burden is more likely to be felt in 2 areas – the home network in residences and home internet service from Comcast, Charter and Verizon. The Internet infrastructure is generally accustomed to peak activity at certain times of the day. However, work from home and study from home have shown new heights of internet use. This is particularly true when many users are sharing the same internet connection throughout the day and using data-hungry apps.

It is more challenging for last-mile services like cable broadband and fibre-based broadband services that provide a different internet service from what is available in offices and schools. It is like comparing a garden hose in homes with big pipes that carry internet traffic in offices and schools.

Many consumers subscribe to broadband plans that have lower capacity than those found in workplaces. Congestion and slowness may result when users of a single Wi-Fi network stream movies or do video conferencing at the same time. Bandwidth may be sufficient for a couple of home computers but not when you add children who are studying from home, playing games or streaming movies.

Even with slow connection, it will only take you a few seconds to access using a desktop, laptop or smartphone. You can commission a map illustration of a certain place or area for whatever purpose you may require. You can also include a message for your audience.

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March 14th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Businesses of all sizes believe that social media marketing is effective in reaching prospective customers. It has the power to bring your business to the peak of success and generate higher revenue. Listed below are some social media marketing tips that can help you with your campaigns on the internet.


  1. If you want to be visible on social media, you have to be consistent with your social content. Make sure that every now and then, you have updates and posts on your page. You also have to provide valuable and interesting information for your prospective customers to check on. Examples of great social content are photos, videos, and infographics. This will help you gather positive comments, the same with kingkong com au review that motivates business owners to maintain the good strategy.
  2. Make use of social media to project your brand image. One social media platform may be different from the other, but you should be consistent with the core identity of your business.
  3. It can also be the best channel for you to share your most impressive site and blog content. This will be a good way to establish loyal followers of your page. Once you achieve it, you will find yourself looking forward to uploading new content. One rule for this is to always make sure that it will be enjoyable to all of your readers. You see, content marketing and social media marketing can work hand in hand.
  4. Social media marketing does not only allow you to showcase your original content; it also gives you the chance to share curated links. If you find other sources that can help you with your business promotion, and you think they are interesting for your target audience, then do not think twice to link to them. As you improve the reliability of your business, you also get the opportunity of gaining some links in return. It may also be a good idea to include the reviews of the sources you find. For instance, if your followers read kingkong com au review, they will have the impression that you can also provide great products/services.

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