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June 30th, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

Legrand Group is known to be a worldwide specialist when it comes to electrical as well as digital building infrastructures. The company has been in partnership with another group based in Kuwait, the Al Mulla Group. The two groups hosted an event last month in order to bring together all the construction community that is currently in the country. In the same event, these attendees were able to see the latest innovation that was launched by their partnership with regards to wiring devices as well as cable management.

When it comes to options in functions, Legrand Group is known to have a wide array of choices in finishes to be used according to electrical standards, be it a standard or a luxury type of project. Despite their already many options when it comes to wiring devices, the group also launched the upgraded model of Synergy. It now comes in four available series – Metlaclad, White, Sleek Design and Authentic. The upgraded version now boasts a function suitable for hotel and offices, sockets dedicated for USB charging, a finish that is resilient to fingerprints, blue LED as an indicator as well as metal rockers that matches the product. These are all manufactured in United Kingdom.

The event also highlighted another offering by Legrand together with its known brands, SEICO and Electrak, and it is a complete range of solutions concerning cable management. The new solutions will be integrated into the office thereby providing the users with not just functionality and comfort but ergonomics and speedy installations in different areas of a work building as well. These solutions include pop-up boxes, data desk grommets as well as power that can be incorporated into different areas of the building such as open space offices, meeting rooms and individual offices. Electrak, one of the brands promoted by Legrand, offers clients a powertrack and a busbar that can be installed under the floors for installations involving the floor cavity. SEICO, on the other hand, brings to the table the earthing and lightning protections systems to make sure that no lightning will damage the building, cause losses of data and services, damage equipment, security systems and especially human lives. Cable management is important thus companies are investing into cable wiring experts and other solutions provided in their area.

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June 5th, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

Decades ago, there were no smartphones and the internet was just starting to become popular. Today, Wi-Fi and mobile data are ubiquitous and smartphones have literally saturated the population of developed and developing countries. The pace of technological progress has continued to accelerate and it has changed the manner that people live and the way the companies do business.

10 years into the future and technology might still change. Although many businesses have moved to the cloud, word processors still remain as word processors and spreadsheets have remained unchanged whether in Excel 2013 or Lotus. However, Dan Bricklin who has invented spreadsheet told Network World that there will be changes in the next 10 years.

Productivity apps in the form of spreadsheets and word processors work best when used on a large screen with a keyword. In the world where mobile phones have outpaced desktop computers, people will not likely use mobile phones to access productivity apps. You can’t just navigate a database on your mobile phone or tablet while waiting for the bus because it certainly does not work that way.

However, if productivity apps will become more specialized and diverse, an individual could add data to the system while on the go. For example, databases of repair information would be critical to auto mechanics and plumbers since they do not have to log on to their computers for the data. Change has been relatively slow even if technology has continued to improve. Because of the growing awareness for technology, the next decade can substantially see more progress. There might be a productivity tool for mobile phones and wearables so that they can be reasonably used even with their smaller screens.

The internet is very important for Richards Plumbing Services because it allows the plumbers to interact with their customers. While it is common for customers to use the phone to seek for assistance, the internet is their source of customer reviews on the performance of plumbers. Plumbers understand the importance of the internet because it helps them promote their services without the need to pay big bucks for advertisement and promotional gimmicks.

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December 21st, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

According to a recent study from strategic multichannel consultancy Practicology and UX testing provider WhatUsersDo, brands are making serious mistakes on mobile strategies causing them to lose money on the investment. The study found out that there were basic mistakes in download capabilities, optimization and poor design that would result into frustration and bad experience that retailers could not afford.

Most of the promotional content on mobile was not optimized for smaller screen sizes and certain web pages were not actually optimized for mobile. Download problems are often encountered with the homepage menu stuck permanently for some users. Some sites were rather slow to load on mobile and this did little to inspire confidence on a brand. It often leads to users assuming that there is something seriously wrong with the site.

Other challenges that the study found out on some sites included problems with completing forms at checkout and failure to scroll past he maps on the store locator results page. However, there were reports of some new features on mobile product results page. Features that are very useful to consumers include ease of finding contact and returns information.

The report also revealed that meeting customer’s expectations on mobile are becoming more important than ever because people have become rather reliant on mobile. In the past, web users would often blame their devices for their poor experience but as smartphones have become highly sophisticated users have realized that the mistakes are something that retailers have to be resolve. Most retailers still have to go a long way in order to maximize their revenue.

Mobile plays an important role in a business’s marketing strategy and it means delivering an outstanding customer experience. It is strongly advised to Perth electricians to start considering personification at the center of the marketing strategy. Personification means understanding the journey of your customer before he makes a decision. In most cases, there is an emotional reason why the decision has been made and it needs a lot of data to extract that information. To arrive at the right marketing strategy, it is important to gather and analyze data about potential customers.

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November 25th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

Whether you are at home, at the street, or at work, it can be safe to assume that computers have taken over the world. Heck, almost everything runs on a computer now. But the question is why? Why do people have taken such a liking to computers? The answer is simple: “they make life easier.” Everywhere you may go, you would find something run by a computer.

When people talk about computers, it wouldn’t take long for the subject to shift towards the Internet. Nowadays, people have become obsessed with the Internet. Technically speaking, the Internet is defined as a global network of interconnect computers and as such, it is able to connect millions of computers worldwide. You can say that about 190 countries are linked to data, news and opinion exchanges because of the Internet.

But what is the Internet exactly used for? Why do people love to go online all the time? What can they get by doing so? Although the Internet isn’t particularly owned by a single individual or entity, it provides a lot of uses to all kinds of people.

  • The internet is a global hotspot for information. If you want to know something, you can rely on the Internet to provide you with information. Because of this, the Internet is the best place to conduct research. It doesn’t matter what topic you had in mind, the Internet will answer anything you might ask.
  • The Internet has been credited with making the world smaller and connecting billions of lives together. Through emails, blogs, social media, forums and chat rooms, one may be able to communicate with other people effortlessly.
  • Online shopping has become popular nowadays. In fact, e-commerce has quickly become a multibillion dollar industry. Whatever a person wants to buy, he is sure to find it online. You can even look for professional services online. For example, if you want to hire a plumber, you only need to look for websites like
  • The Internet provides loads of entertainment options. Online games, music, books, movies, sports and even news, you can all get that if you go online.
  • The Internet allows a person to see the world. Through satellite imaging applications (like Google Earth), travel sites, live webcams, and online almanacs and encyclopedias, one would be able to explore the world.

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November 5th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

One of the things that you look forward to when training is in buying a new sports apparel. Quality sportswear will always motivate the athlete to start a training program or some sport with sufficient comfort and style.

Choosing the right sportswear for you is an intricate process that requires serious thinking and consideration of different factors which are defined by the type of sports activity that you are engaged in. A great look is also important in order to boost the person’s confidence and self esteem. This is really true if you are planning to workout with your peers.

Women should also consider a suitable sport bra. It is important to keep in mind that the sports apparel is an important part when training. This may sound pointless to you but those who have experienced working out would have to say that wearing clothes which are not suitable for the sport activity you are involved in will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Moreover, everyone wants to avoid unpleasant circumstances. At times, your decision in ignoring trainings or exercises is not mainly due to the training and exercise itself. Most do not pursue these activities because of snug and tight fit clothing which restricts their movement. In some cases, it might even impair the circulation of blood in your body. It absolutely makes no sense to train if you do not have the capacity to move about freely. It is important for the flow of your blood to be normal.

Everyone knows that black color of clothes will make people look slimmer but this is certainly not recommended when you are exercising during the summer. Choose bright colored clothes. This will reflect the sunlight while on the other hand, black will absorb the heat. If you are too hot when exercising, this might cause dizziness and will upset you at times.

It is therefore important to be choosing the right sportswear when exercising or training for a sport. Whether you are looking for cycling jackets or for basketball shorts, you may always visit the trusted number one seller of sports apparel – Proviz.

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September 25th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

Web designer Perth are constantly updating themselves for the latest trend in web designing. Every year, there will always be new web designs which will dominate the market. A few years ago, if you can recall, parallax scrolling was popular and is still even in use today. Lately though, long scrolling pages has had a negative impact to website users.

One trend that has not really gotten much recognition like other trends and which has been around for sometime is the card based design.

Perhaps the most popular website which showcases the card based design trend is Pinterest. There are also other websites that are using this approach in design and of course with good reason. When visitors browse a website that uses the card based design, they will immediately notice that it is free from clutter and is well-organized which at the same time has a simple yet very elegant approach.

Here are some benefits of the card based design to your website:

  • Grid approach to IA. When you take a closer look at card based designs, it will be impossible not to see grid based designs coming through. The reason for this is that every edge of the card is actually the edge of different grids that is bigger and well organized. This promotes harmony and consistency in the way the site is presented. This style will then significantly help the information architecture of your website. The so called information architecture refers to the intelligent flow and order by which visitors absorb the information provided by the website.

Heavy reliance on various images. The old saying that goes people is by nature visual creatures has been abusively used but in the card based design, this saying takes on a whole new meaning. Designs which are card based rely heavily on visuals provided. Going heavy with images is the strength of card based designs because according to studies and surveys conducted, images elevate the web design. For example, using high quality pictures of human faces in images will boost conversion rates of site visitors.

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September 10th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

The internet plays a very big role in the success of self-storage facilities like Years ago, facilities can be searched through Yellow Pages but with the introduction of internet, potential customers have more access to information about the self-storage facility including the amenities they provide. Consumers are better informed before they make a final decision.

According to Comcast, it is upgrading its Internet Essentials plan to make sure that senior citizens get connections. The Pay-TV and internet giant has started the program in 2011 so that discounted internet services and computers can be offered to low income families. Because of the step undertaken by Comcast, more than half a million American homes or more than 2 million Americans can now go online.

The Internet Essentials program of Comcast is presently available to families that have one child who is eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program that includes public, parochial, private and homeschool students. Internet service is available for these families at $9.95 a month with the potential to purchase an internet-ready computer for less than $150.

In a blog post on Comcast’s website, senior EVP and chief diversity officer David L. Cohen announced upgrades that include increased download speeds from 5 Megabits per second to 10 Mbps at no additional cost with a free Wi-Fi router. With the upgrade, it will easier for families to connect to the internet simultaneously.
Comcast is also launching a pilot program that will help low-income seniors understand and the use the web. According to Pew Research Center, less than half or 47% of those aged 65 and above have broadband in their homes.

Cohen has made the announcement in West Palm Beach Florida where the first pilot program will start with the Urban League of Palm Beach. In the coming weeks, more pilot programs will be announced by Cohen.

Internet Essentials program grew from Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal. The net and cable provider agreed to provide increased broadband deployment to the low-income group for 3 years. The vision of the Comcast is to invest in communities because when they thrive, everyone benefits.

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August 5th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

Security cameras have been a staple product for iHome Alarm Systems. Adding up to the roster of security cameras available, Sony has just released a number of additional lens options for its popular X-series outdoor mini-dome cameras.

The X-series has been a popular choice from Sony due to its excellent quality and affordability. The additional lens options ranges from very wide which covers large areas and to narrow lenses which focus on pinpoint specific details in an area. Moreover, these new lenses may potentially increase the installation possibilities of the X-series, which may make it look attractive in several areas and locations.

The viewing angles available range from 113°, 83°, 51° and 25°, they allow a wide range for choices for consumers. The lenses also come with Sony’s new e-Varifocal technology. This allows you to adjust the exact focal length of the cameras from a remote location. The additional features of the X-series mini sized IP camera allow it to be suitable to any location and any angle.

The additional lenses can be used with any of the Sony X-series mini dome cameras namely: SNC-XM631, SNC-XM632, and the SNC-XM637.

A sample video released by Sony captured with the SNC-XM631 camera, which was installed over a till in a shop, shows a comparison between the old standard 113° wide angle lens and the new optional 83°, 51° and 25° lenses.

The very compact size and inconspicuous form of the Sony X-series cameras is due to the fact that they use a fixed lens instead of varifocal lenses that require larger spaces and bigger forms. With the new e-Varifocal technology lens options designed by Sony, compact and unobtrusive form factor is still possible yet you need not compromise the variety and quality of viewing angles available.

This new feature in the Sony X-range cameras , the e-Varifocal technology, provides three key benefits:
1. Electronically adjustable zoom
2. Electronically adjustable field of view
3. No focus adjustment required

The e-Varifocal lens allows the focal length to be adjusted digitally and from remote areas. It also maintains your selected resolution while switching focal lengths and angles.

These new features make the Sony X-series mini domes more flexible and affordable as a security camera choice.

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May 18th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

Recently, the news regarding HP, buying out Aruba, has been the hyped in the IT industry, especially with the users and clients of both companies. It was said that the infamous HP procurve routers which was renamed HP Procurve Network, will be integrated to the Aruba Networks and this combination is concluded to produce a wide set of benefits for the channels and users of both companies.

The Buyout ticks at a stunning $2.7 Billion. The actual cost of Aruba was supposed to be $3 Billion, computed from a rate of $24.67 for each existing shares within the company, but it was reduced to the state mentioned due to deductions from Aruba’s cash and debts.

As mentioned above, the HP procurve routers or network which has been toe-to-toe with Cisco routers, will be upgraded with this buyout. HP is looking to give their wireless service a big boost in order to serve the ever-increasing demands of the market. In accordance to this, the CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, will also push forward, the act of splitting the company into two, later this year – The HP enterprise for HP Inc. The former will serve services for enterprises while the latter will be serving buyers of PCs, printers and other HP Products.

There were many concerns stated, especially from the clients of Aruba, since the record of HP has recently been declining while Aruba are on their record-breaking years within the same area of market. The somehow, disappointing state of the sales of HP bugged some of the clients of Aruba, but it is confirmed by both CEO’s of the company that there’s nothing to be worried about as no big changes will surely happen with their clients.

The CEO of Aruba said that it certainly is easy to be worried about being bought out by HP, which has recently been having a hard time in the industry. Additionally, he also stated that in this case, he thinks that the background of the CEO, Whitman, who has earned a serious reputation worldwide, is more important than looking at the recent declines of HP.

HP and Aruba has both etched their names within the industry and with the combination of their strengths especially in networking, it is foreseen that good things will surely come their way especially after seeing that both CEO’s are calm and contented about the things that are happening.

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March 30th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

These days, to be good in what they do, an electrician is not only skilled in electrical appliance repair but must also be well versed in computers and understand complicated networks.

Adam Palmer is an electrician that manages electrical systems being installed on buildings, works with electrical technicians and skilled men. Though he graduated with a degree in electromechanical engineering from the university, he preferred to do this job.

Palmer shares how working in a building made him see more of science and the advanced technology that goes with it. He also believes that electricians of today are considered to be workers with knowledge of the more advanced technology. The designers of the equipment are not the only persons who know the system better but the ones who install them as well.

A good example of these are apprentices in the union being required to use their own laptop when they start their training program this coming September.

According to Jim O’Connell who is the director in the training center located in Dorchester, workers are not only required to be skilled in doing hands-on tasks but must also be good in computers. Training centers nowadays are equipped with computer laboratories, an amenity common to all colleges nowadays.

There are also training workshops for those electrical contractors interested in learning more high-tech skills related to the job. Most systems nowadays are automated and skilled individuals are required when installing.

These advanced training are not only needed by the workers who install them but most especially by the people who maintain them every day. With this redefining of roles and skills, janitors in some cases are now called energy management technicians.

This is true in Boston where the electrical systems used on most commercial and industrial buildings, such as universities, hospitals and laboratories are complicated.

This is most important in the case of hospitals or any medical facility because the electrical system must be calibrated carefully and accurately. The same electrical system is used in giving shock to patients – which could mean life or death.

Not only are these systems advanced but some of them are already adapting a more eco-friendly option which requires less energy and a more complicated system.

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February 8th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

On the eve of the State of the Union Address last Tuesday, President Barack Obama had called on the Federal Communications Commission to challenge the state laws that block the establishment of municipal broadband networks so that communities are ensured of an Internet service that provides high-speed connections. He had also pledged the protection of a free and open Internet as well as extending it for everyone to benefit from.

Apparently, out of the good will of his heart, the President wants everyone to enjoy the Internet and its blessings. With the advancements in today’s technology, it still comes as a shock that not everyone has access to a fast Internet connection.

Almost all of society is dependent on the Internet. Most employees need it for their work. Some people use them for information and research while others use them for entertainment and leisure such as watching TV shows, films or cartoons such as My Little Pony or buy products such as clothing, pajamas and hoodies of the same shows through online retail stores.

The Internet can be used for all kinds of activities and it has become an important necessity in the lives of many people that is why it is only right that people are allowed access to an affordable and high-speed Internet service. That is probably what the President wants.

Unfortunately, even with President Obama’s blessing, many cities are still not allowed to provide this kind of service. This is because that the laws and legislations in many different states make it difficult for this type of service to be established. Examples for these are legislations concerning profitability or even population. Sometimes the laws being imposed in a municipality restricts the provision of such broadband carriers if the population exceeds a certain number.

It is still a question as to how Obama could get around the restrictions for expansion. Through Section 706 of the Telecommunication Act of 1996, this charges the FCC to deploy advanced telecommunications capability to the American citizens on a favorable and useful time with a good and valid reason. It entails that communities could play a role in the expansion of broadband access if private investments fail in providing an adequate broadband infrastructure.

Possibly the biggest obstacle for this plan is that Republicans would likely oppose the plan and that the FCC does not have the authority to take action against such legislations.

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February 7th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

As an entrepreneur using the power of technology to climb the ladder of success, you need to protect your business from the myriads of threats there are on the internet.

If you were part of big company, you would not have the burden of thinking about this responsibility of ensuring your business’ safety online. The IT department will take care of that. Since you are running your own show, you are compelled to learn how to protect your business.

Here are some basic techniques in ensuring the safety of your online business.

• Use encryption

The highest form of service that you could give to your client is to safeguard the pertinent information that they share with you. For example, if you are an accountant and you are tasked to prepare tax returns and financial statements, your client will be sharing with you sensitive information. Use strong encryption to protect the data from possible hackers and malicious users.

• Secure data that are in transit

One should be prepared for instances when information relayed to your customer is received or intercepted by the wrong person. One of the thousands of online businesses is the TV Store Online. They sell shirts that have prints of your favorite television show, movie show or super hero character. If a customer orders and the information given is not received by the retailer, the system cannot acknowledge the order that never arrived thus will lead to a loss in their part.

You could inform your client of a secure way in communicating data or if your client is tech savvy, you need not worry about information jeopardized.

• Carry out basic PC protection instructions

Avail of that anti-virus so your computer and files will be protected from contaminating viruses. Ensure that you have a back up file for the daily data you process. Buy an external hard drive and use it to store data.

• Insure your company

This is a very basic method in protecting your business. You will never know if you laptop or desktop computer will overheat and you will lose all of your data. Enroll your business in liability insurance plan so that you will be protected with the financial problems that you will face.

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