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May 23rd, 2017 by DonnaRLuce

Lead generation landing pages are hard to come by these days. It takes a lot of effort, time and skills into creating one that will generate a huge number of leads. According to a study conducted by Wishpond, about 87 per cent of users are not converted by the landing page they visited because of lacking in features and aspects.

Landing pages are essential in a business because the number of qualified leads gathered equates to the number of new clients. There are a number of reasons why your landing page is considered bad:

  • Not making any changes because leads are coming in regardless of the number.
  • No idea on what aspects to change in the site.
  • Afraid of making changes because potential clients might not be happy with it.

Here are some of the top reasons why landing pages continue to generate fewer leads or no leads at all:

  • When dealing with business online, trust is your number one investment. According to a study conducted by UX Matters, about 70 per cent of consumers are not going with a specific insurance agency because their information does not build trust. People should be able to invest their trust thus the landing page should contain positive testimonials from current clients.
  • While providing information is a good thing, too much of it may not be as good. This is why it is recommended that an insurance agency’s land page should be as simple as possible. Too much content can overwhelm the visitor and might shift their focus from the actual product the company is selling.
  • Presenting the product in a complicated manner is a common mistake. For a brokerage, it does not require that everything should be detailed in the landing page. A simple description of what the company is offering will suffice. Consumers that do not understand the technicalities might feel intimated in doing business with the company if everything is presented in jargon they cannot relate to.
  • Lead generation landing pages that contains a lot of “calls to action” might not be aware of the harm they are doing. Visitors who are challenged to make decisions will more likely leave the site thus it is the job of the company to ensure that customers know what actions to take and what the next steps are.

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March 30th, 2017 by DonnaRLuce

When the internet was first introduced to the world, people connected online by tapping on a phone line. While people were not exactly happy with dial-up speeds, complaints on speed were relatively infrequent because they do not stream videos and music or play online games.

Now, things are different because the way that people use the internet has changed dramatically. The internet is no longer just a source of information; it is the place where almost everything is done. In order to make the web run faster, cable companies including mobile providers are making the effort towards the next breakthrough. They have installed fibre cables in big cities and created 5G networks in homes.

However, these are the not the only option being pursued because researchers are working towards a technology called Li-Fi which will use light to transmit information. Li-Fi requires LED lighting to operate and special equipment to be hooked to the lights. This can be expensive; however, companies are already upgrading to LED lighting which means that is not a big drawback for the technology.

The idea behind Li-Fi is the use light pulses instead of sound waves like Wi-Fi does. The light pulses are so fast that they cannot be detected by the human eye; only electronic gadgets will have the capability to pick up the light pulses. One of the biggest advantages of Li-Fi is the ability to transmit information up to 200 gigabits per second.

There have been so many improvements in Wi-Fi speed but it will be a long way before it can manage to reach the speed of Li-Fi. Li-Fi can work with thousands of gadgets within its range which makes it great for office environments, airports, shopping malls sports stadiums and other crowded venues. Researchers are working on Li-Fi to solve some kinks and it is working in areas where it was tested.

Many businesses as well as well homeowners are increasingly being interested in LED light strip as a replacement for their traditional lighting systems. Aside from the capability of being virtually installed anywhere, high density LED light strips can be used for creative and artistic applications.

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February 5th, 2017 by DonnaRLuce

We now live in a time where everything is multiscreen. Ever since the rise of Google, they have been developing solutions in order for marketers to cope up with the consumers knowing that they are using different devices to get online such as smartphones, personal computers and tablets. Majority of marketers still utilize personal computers for their job.

In an attempt to educate them and get them to catch up with new trends, Google conducted a compelling research which in turn motivated them to launce what is called the Enhanced Campaigns. In addition, they have widened the tracking of conversion for those using AdWords. The company also released a mobile calculator that can measure ROI.

The ROI mobile calculator, The Full Value of Mobile, is part of Google’s site called How To Go Mo. This will contain videos, case studies as well as ROI calculators that can be used for various mobiles that have multiple screen types.

According to the website, the Full Value of Mobile calculator offers simple equations and it also has a feature for benchmarking to aid those who are looking to find the approximate value of revenue that mobile is contributing to the business through different channels such as cross-device, mobile site, in-store, applications and calls. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time since there will be a wizard guiding the entire process of uploading the data coming from AdWords and the mobile website. It will then create assumptions in order to provide an estimate by Full Value of Mobile. With the use of the exercise, one will be able to see the total value and the value for every click, together with the ROI that mobile is contributing to the entire business. This value includes all mobile customer paths and not just the ones found on the mobile website. Users will also be able to determine how mobile CPAs can be cost-effective.

The goal of the website is to show a wider view of the marketing ROI calculator for the marketers and to make them realize how the methods can be used in mobile especially involving multiscreen.

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January 9th, 2017 by DonnaRLuce

Running a health organization can be complicated. Not only are you handling your organization, you are also in charge of the lives of your patients and the people you provide healthcare services with. This is the reason why healthcare it services are in demand among hospitals and other healthcare service institutions. IT services in the healthcare department allows better managing of records and data that makes service delivery fast, efficient and cost-effective. Here are some of the advantages that a health institution can potentially gain by having an IT service within their system.

Better data storage

Keeping folders upon folders of patient history and medical records that occupy space and require maintenance is already a thing of the past. Medical records of patients can now be stored over the internet and not only that, these records can also be accessed anytime and anywhere. This is particularly true when patients need to be managed by different specialists. Doctors can put their notes on the database for the other doctors to better manage the patient based on medical history, the medicines being taken and other information relevant to the patient’s handling and recovery. The good thing about having healthcare it services is that they are stored in a safe environment, which is online so you can be sure that the data are accessible at any point in time and they are free from risks of damaged unlike keeping physical data on a storage room.

Access to information by patients

Since the patient’s medical information are store on the internet, the patient can also access the data so he can participate better in treating himself. He can also find out his exact medical condition and make a research to know more about it. For procedural medical intervention, the patient can better prepare for the procedure and how he can help on his own post-operation care.

Employee efficiency

With a better structure for healthcare it services, the staff and personnel of your organization can better manage your clients and they can also coordinate among themselves for a more efficient service delivery.

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December 14th, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

If you are a techy person, you know how trendy is the home automation system nowadays that many homeowners are excited about the idea of turning their house into one. The idea that you can control the various functions inside the house, such as lighting and temperature, with just the use of your mobile device can be exciting. Compared to a few years ago, there are now many changes when it comes to the technology and system used for automation. These changes are seen because these are what impacts the current home automation industry. Let us look at some of these.

First, it can be noted that controllers are now much easier to control than before. Before, in order to convert your house into an automated one, you need to install one system for each aspect or feature of the house such as the thermostat, lighting and the security system, among many others. Now, there are easier solutions that are introduced in the market that has shown to be more streamlined. The biggest name that has created an impact is the Echo created by Amazon. There is also the awaited released of Google Home which is offers many functions. Apple recently announced that they are upgrading their app for HomeKIt and after which the controls will be simplified. This is an up and coming industry and it is no wonder that there is such a stiff competition between big brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon. Homeowners will more likely jump into the bandwagon if the system they offer is simple and has more functions at a lower cost.

The next factor that impacts the home automation industry is the new products that are released in the market. There are now products that make it possible to have moisture detector and a watering system in one integrated system. These new products will present a threat to companies such as ADT that are earning from the annual subscriptions from their customers which can be quite expensive. Lastly, many manufacturers that are selling products for automated homes are now changing the way they market their products to the consumers. This is done by giving the customers an actual tour of an automated home thus encouraging them to try out the system.

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December 5th, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

Star Wars was launched to the public back in May of the year 1977. The movie then has a big impact to the imaginations of many people who are destined to create great things. One god example is George Carter who devised a new way for teens to spend their free time and that is through the game of laser tag which he invented.

Carter’s imagination was awakened after seeing the opening scene of the classic space opera directed by George Lucas. At that time, it was held in a theater in Las Vegas and it inspired him to develop a new war game based on that scene. This is the time when kids are playing pretend to shoot their friends using their hands with beams of light. On the other side of the spectrum, Carter is already making it possible.

The first challenge that Carter had to go through is the federal regulation that states people are not allowed to shoot lasers at each other. After working out the details of his entire game system, it was time for him to come up with a name. He chose laser tag but according to his lawyers, the name is too generic and applying a patent for it can be challenging thus he went with Photon instead.

Visiting the official Laser Tag Museum, one will be able to see the original set used by players during their battles which weigh 13 pounds. The set includes a high-tech helmet at that time equipped with receivers for radio frequency and signal lights that is responsible in letting the wearer know that they have been zapped through its momentary disruption. There is also a Photon Phaser that has a beam of light and is used to score. A Photon Control Module is the heart of the game. It contains a micro-processor chip that is responsible for the communication between the Photon computers that are controlling the game. Through this central computers will know that players have been hit and their Phaser will not work for 10 seconds after that. To complete the laser tag gear of the past, the player has a Power pack that is responsible in powering all the Photon Space gear.

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December 1st, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

A rotary dryer is a type of heavy, industrial equipment that functions to reduce the liquid moisture content of a material. The machine works by subjecting the material into direct contact with a heated gas. The material is fed to the equipment through the feeding hopper using bucket elevator or belt conveyor. After that, the material goes through the feeder then into the feed pipe. To allow the material to run smoothly into the dryer, the feed pipe slope is designed to elevate higher. However, there are rotary dryer pipes that are designed horizontal instead of the usual cylinder. To fuel the rotary dryer, a hot air furnace is supplied by hot flue gas. The fuel of rotary dryer is usually made of natural gas, waste wood, coal, diesel and other fuel materials.

When the wet material passes through the cylinder pipe, the lifting pipes inside the dryer move the materials up and down in order to create close contact with the hot flue gas. In the process, the moisture content of the wet material evaporates and turns into water vapor. As a result the subject material transforms into dry ones.

During the drying process, a high pressure induced fan is utilized to further eliminate water vapor from the rotary dryer. Along the process, dust can accumulate together with the water vapor and goes into the cyclone dust collector. When the substance goes into the cyclone dust collector, the dust is then separated from water vapor then drops down from the bottom of the cyclone dust collector. The water vapor remains at the top pipe of the cyclone dust collector then finally; it goes out into the atmosphere through the chimney.

After the entire drying process, the belt conveyor of the rotary dryer transports the dried materials into storage rooms or truck. To find out more about how a rotary dryer work including its maintenance, talk to a qualified operator or the customer representative agent of a manufacturer or your preferred dealer. You may also want to request for a price quotation if you intend to purchase a unit.


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June 30th, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

Legrand Group is known to be a worldwide specialist when it comes to electrical as well as digital building infrastructures. The company has been in partnership with another group based in Kuwait, the Al Mulla Group. The two groups hosted an event last month in order to bring together all the construction community that is currently in the country. In the same event, these attendees were able to see the latest innovation that was launched by their partnership with regards to wiring devices as well as cable management.

When it comes to options in functions, Legrand Group is known to have a wide array of choices in finishes to be used according to electrical standards, be it a standard or a luxury type of project. Despite their already many options when it comes to wiring devices, the group also launched the upgraded model of Synergy. It now comes in four available series – Metlaclad, White, Sleek Design and Authentic. The upgraded version now boasts a function suitable for hotel and offices, sockets dedicated for USB charging, a finish that is resilient to fingerprints, blue LED as an indicator as well as metal rockers that matches the product. These are all manufactured in United Kingdom.

The event also highlighted another offering by Legrand together with its known brands, SEICO and Electrak, and it is a complete range of solutions concerning cable management. The new solutions will be integrated into the office thereby providing the users with not just functionality and comfort but ergonomics and speedy installations in different areas of a work building as well. These solutions include pop-up boxes, data desk grommets as well as power that can be incorporated into different areas of the building such as open space offices, meeting rooms and individual offices. Electrak, one of the brands promoted by Legrand, offers clients a powertrack and a busbar that can be installed under the floors for installations involving the floor cavity. SEICO, on the other hand, brings to the table the earthing and lightning protections systems to make sure that no lightning will damage the building, cause losses of data and services, damage equipment, security systems and especially human lives. Cable management is important thus companies are investing into cable wiring experts and other solutions provided in their area.

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June 5th, 2016 by DonnaRLuce

Decades ago, there were no smartphones and the internet was just starting to become popular. Today, Wi-Fi and mobile data are ubiquitous and smartphones have literally saturated the population of developed and developing countries. The pace of technological progress has continued to accelerate and it has changed the manner that people live and the way the companies do business.

10 years into the future and technology might still change. Although many businesses have moved to the cloud, word processors still remain as word processors and spreadsheets have remained unchanged whether in Excel 2013 or Lotus. However, Dan Bricklin who has invented spreadsheet told Network World that there will be changes in the next 10 years.

Productivity apps in the form of spreadsheets and word processors work best when used on a large screen with a keyword. In the world where mobile phones have outpaced desktop computers, people will not likely use mobile phones to access productivity apps. You can’t just navigate a database on your mobile phone or tablet while waiting for the bus because it certainly does not work that way.

However, if productivity apps will become more specialized and diverse, an individual could add data to the system while on the go. For example, databases of repair information would be critical to auto mechanics and plumbers since they do not have to log on to their computers for the data. Change has been relatively slow even if technology has continued to improve. Because of the growing awareness for technology, the next decade can substantially see more progress. There might be a productivity tool for mobile phones and wearables so that they can be reasonably used even with their smaller screens.

The internet is very important for Richards Plumbing Services because it allows the plumbers to interact with their customers. While it is common for customers to use the phone to seek for assistance, the internet is their source of customer reviews on the performance of plumbers. Plumbers understand the importance of the internet because it helps them promote their services without the need to pay big bucks for advertisement and promotional gimmicks.

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December 21st, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

According to a recent study from strategic multichannel consultancy Practicology and UX testing provider WhatUsersDo, brands are making serious mistakes on mobile strategies causing them to lose money on the investment. The study found out that there were basic mistakes in download capabilities, optimization and poor design that would result into frustration and bad experience that retailers could not afford.

Most of the promotional content on mobile was not optimized for smaller screen sizes and certain web pages were not actually optimized for mobile. Download problems are often encountered with the homepage menu stuck permanently for some users. Some sites were rather slow to load on mobile and this did little to inspire confidence on a brand. It often leads to users assuming that there is something seriously wrong with the site.

Other challenges that the study found out on some sites included problems with completing forms at checkout and failure to scroll past he maps on the store locator results page. However, there were reports of some new features on mobile product results page. Features that are very useful to consumers include ease of finding contact and returns information.

The report also revealed that meeting customer’s expectations on mobile are becoming more important than ever because people have become rather reliant on mobile. In the past, web users would often blame their devices for their poor experience but as smartphones have become highly sophisticated users have realized that the mistakes are something that retailers have to be resolve. Most retailers still have to go a long way in order to maximize their revenue.

Mobile plays an important role in a business’s marketing strategy and it means delivering an outstanding customer experience. It is strongly advised to Perth electricians to start considering personification at the center of the marketing strategy. Personification means understanding the journey of your customer before he makes a decision. In most cases, there is an emotional reason why the decision has been made and it needs a lot of data to extract that information. To arrive at the right marketing strategy, it is important to gather and analyze data about potential customers.

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November 25th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

Whether you are at home, at the street, or at work, it can be safe to assume that computers have taken over the world. Heck, almost everything runs on a computer now. But the question is why? Why do people have taken such a liking to computers? The answer is simple: “they make life easier.” Everywhere you may go, you would find something run by a computer.

When people talk about computers, it wouldn’t take long for the subject to shift towards the Internet. Nowadays, people have become obsessed with the Internet. Technically speaking, the Internet is defined as a global network of interconnect computers and as such, it is able to connect millions of computers worldwide. You can say that about 190 countries are linked to data, news and opinion exchanges because of the Internet.

But what is the Internet exactly used for? Why do people love to go online all the time? What can they get by doing so? Although the Internet isn’t particularly owned by a single individual or entity, it provides a lot of uses to all kinds of people.

  • The internet is a global hotspot for information. If you want to know something, you can rely on the Internet to provide you with information. Because of this, the Internet is the best place to conduct research. It doesn’t matter what topic you had in mind, the Internet will answer anything you might ask.
  • The Internet has been credited with making the world smaller and connecting billions of lives together. Through emails, blogs, social media, forums and chat rooms, one may be able to communicate with other people effortlessly.
  • Online shopping has become popular nowadays. In fact, e-commerce has quickly become a multibillion dollar industry. Whatever a person wants to buy, he is sure to find it online. You can even look for professional services online. For example, if you want to hire a plumber, you only need to look for websites like
  • The Internet provides loads of entertainment options. Online games, music, books, movies, sports and even news, you can all get that if you go online.
  • The Internet allows a person to see the world. Through satellite imaging applications (like Google Earth), travel sites, live webcams, and online almanacs and encyclopedias, one would be able to explore the world.

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November 5th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

One of the things that you look forward to when training is in buying a new sports apparel. Quality sportswear will always motivate the athlete to start a training program or some sport with sufficient comfort and style.

Choosing the right sportswear for you is an intricate process that requires serious thinking and consideration of different factors which are defined by the type of sports activity that you are engaged in. A great look is also important in order to boost the person’s confidence and self esteem. This is really true if you are planning to workout with your peers.

Women should also consider a suitable sport bra. It is important to keep in mind that the sports apparel is an important part when training. This may sound pointless to you but those who have experienced working out would have to say that wearing clothes which are not suitable for the sport activity you are involved in will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Moreover, everyone wants to avoid unpleasant circumstances. At times, your decision in ignoring trainings or exercises is not mainly due to the training and exercise itself. Most do not pursue these activities because of snug and tight fit clothing which restricts their movement. In some cases, it might even impair the circulation of blood in your body. It absolutely makes no sense to train if you do not have the capacity to move about freely. It is important for the flow of your blood to be normal.

Everyone knows that black color of clothes will make people look slimmer but this is certainly not recommended when you are exercising during the summer. Choose bright colored clothes. This will reflect the sunlight while on the other hand, black will absorb the heat. If you are too hot when exercising, this might cause dizziness and will upset you at times.

It is therefore important to be choosing the right sportswear when exercising or training for a sport. Whether you are looking for cycling jackets or for basketball shorts, you may always visit the trusted number one seller of sports apparel – Proviz.

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