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July 4th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

With so many people turning to the internet for information on the things that they need and want, it’s no surprise that online reviews hold so much power. Customers turn to reviews, like King Kong marketing reviews, to get a good idea of something they’re interested in, whether it be a product, a service, or even entire brands.

On the flip side, negative reviews are the preferred method by which customers express their distaste, to the point that ‘review bombing’, the phenomenon wherein a large number of people leave negative reviews about something, is a fairly common occurrence.

Popular video sharing network, TikTok, recently got hit with a massive review bombing, with its user score dropping from 4.5 stars to 1.2 stars in the middle of May 2020 (16th-21st) after a popular influencer posted a controversial video on the site.

In response to the review bombing, Google deleted millions of negative reviews about the app, with the tech giant justifying the move by declaring the negative reviews as having come from fake accounts made with the intention of besmirching TikTok’s high rating on the Google Store.

The controversial video in question was from Faizal Siddiqui, uploaded earlier in May, which depicted a fake acid attack on screen. TikTok, for its part, removed the video quickly, declaring it a violation of their guidelines, while also suspending Siddiqui’s account on the platform.

The video sharing platform also issued a statement on the matter, saying that they don’t allow for content that jeopardizes the safety of people, or promotes or glorifies violence against others.

Siddiqui issued an official apology for having uploaded the video, saying that he had a certain amount of responsibility to consider as an influencer.

In spite of Google’s move against the review bombing, TikTok’s original 4.5-star rating has yet to return.

With online reviews like King Kong marketing reviews being so important and the impact that review bombing has, companies have been looking for ways to deal with such issues. Rotten Tomatoes, for example, opted to add a feature that designated which reviewers actually saw the movie that they had written a review about.

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July 1st, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

There is no shortage of digital agencies but not all of them receive positive King Kong marketing reviews from its own employees. Positive reviews for a company count a lot because clients ultimately choose the best to work with. Reviews also provide insight into how successful a company helps employees in reaching their goals.

Work for some companies during the pandemic has become busier than ever. The demand for computers has reached an all-time high because employees are required to work from home. PCs for People, an organization that offers low-cost computers and tech support in Cleveland works through its storefront on 31st and St. Clair in Cleveland.

According to the organization, demand for computers has gone up tenfold since the pandemic. From the usual 200 hundred computers per month, demand has gone up to more than a thousand per month. Executive director Bryan Mauk is happy to serve the community to provide people with what they need.

Meanwhile, donations for computers have also increased fivefold so that the organization has reached out to corporations that are recycling their computers. According to Mauk, they offer free data wiping and pick-up to corporations. The computers will be deployed to people who need them.

People need computers so that they can file for unemployment benefits, to apply for jobs or attend virtual job fairs. In Cleveland, it was found out that one in five households do not have a computer and internet access.

PCs for People has teamed up with Cuyahoga County and Ohio Means Job to provide computers and internet hot spots. Free kits include preloaded software like Windows 10 and 3 months free internet. After 3 months, people can access unlimited data that costs $16 per month. Aside from Cleveland, free kits are also delivered to Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Elyria, and Lorain.

An exceptional digital agency must provide outstanding results that are backed up by positive King Kong marketing reviews and client testimonials. It must have a proven track record of success with high results from marketing reviews. Tech teams must be confident and passionate experts who are dedicated and committed to working alongside clients.

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April 25th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Most Americans rarely have problems with their home internet service. If they want to know more about illustrated maps, they can easily search the internet and come up with results in just a few seconds. However, millions of people are now working and studying from home due to the pandemic and internet networks are strained to the hilt.

A tech worker from Palo Alto, California had to use work apps like video conferencing that eats a lot of data. He shares the internet service with his wife who is also working from home and children who are streaming movies. After 5 days of this activity, the internet service ground to a halt. No more video calls or big email attachments.

The internet’s underlying structure is strained and the burden is more likely to be felt in 2 areas – the home network in residences and home internet service from Comcast, Charter and Verizon. The Internet infrastructure is generally accustomed to peak activity at certain times of the day. However, work from home and study from home have shown new heights of internet use. This is particularly true when many users are sharing the same internet connection throughout the day and using data-hungry apps.

It is more challenging for last-mile services like cable broadband and fibre-based broadband services that provide a different internet service from what is available in offices and schools. It is like comparing a garden hose in homes with big pipes that carry internet traffic in offices and schools.

Many consumers subscribe to broadband plans that have lower capacity than those found in workplaces. Congestion and slowness may result when users of a single Wi-Fi network stream movies or do video conferencing at the same time. Bandwidth may be sufficient for a couple of home computers but not when you add children who are studying from home, playing games or streaming movies.

Even with slow connection, it will only take you a few seconds to access using a desktop, laptop or smartphone. You can commission a map illustration of a certain place or area for whatever purpose you may require. You can also include a message for your audience.

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March 3rd, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

It is common for people to use the internet to search for junk hauling in my area because it more convenient with faster results. Most junk hauling service providers have websites with their address and contact information to make them accessible to consumers. They interact with customers through social media to the point where customers will refer their services to others.

However, there are still people who do not have reliable internet connections. While tech giants like Facebook and Google are still figuring out how to bring internet to billions of people, an American start-up has come up with its own plans.

Telelift attempts to create a flying cell phone tower through the use of drones with the size of a dining table. The drone which is expected to stay in the air for at least one month will be attached to the ground through a long wire.

Rahul Tiwari, a 22-year old engineering student at Purdue University in Indiana, came up with the concept in 2017.  He has drones that hover at 200 feet in the air while attached to a power source or solar panels on the ground. The amount of power used is similar to that of a microwave.

Initially, Tiwali wanted his drones to become anti-poaching flying watchtowers in Africa however, industry insiders saw a great potential in the drones. The drones are very powerful and if they can stay in the air for a long time they can be attached with 4G routers to bring internet to areas that have poor coverage like Kenya, Niger, Botswana and Senegal.

According to GSMA, there are roughly 4 billion people who do not have internet access globally. Mobile coverage substantially drops outside major cities. Tiwali is working with network providers in targeting suburbs. Network providers are willing to work with Tiwali because it is good business to provide high quality internet in remote areas.

The drones that cost about $40,000 are fully automated in flight but require a pilot for take-off and launching. Telelift was tested by Verizon and Orange to deliver internet at the French Windsurfing Championships in Quiberon, France last November.

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February 24th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Australia has a vast solar market with different solar solutions that will fit the needs of households. It is critical for homeowners to have basic understanding of the crucial features and benefits of solar power, the components of a solar system and the brands that can be trusted. In order to get quotes from reliable installers, homeowners can access Your Solar Quotes online to help make an informed decision.

Apart from powering homes and offices, solar energy is now being considered for consumer electronics. Microsoft is playing with the idea of using solar panels for Surface Pro tablets in the future. Based on the patent filed last year, Microsoft is planning to integrate solar panels to the Surface Type Cover so that it can be used to charge the tablet.

Since panels are installed on the kickstand, it suggests that they could be adjusted to ensure optimal intake of solar energy. However, it could affect the viewing angle of the tablet and the user’s comfort level. Some have criticized that solar is relatively slower compared to the traditional source of energy. Critics claim that solar cannot be used as a main source of power even if it will only be used to extend the overall battery life of the tablet. While the use of solar is a good idea, it remains to be seen how Microsoft can turn it to reality.

The real application of the patent is not likely to become a reality right now because the Surface tablet is promoted as a serious iPad competitor with emphasis on lightweight and elegance. It is very unlikely that a solar device will be attached to the tablet. The most efficient ways for solar panels to work is with direct full sunlight which is not actually the environment for most tablet users.

Aside from the saleable environmental qualities of a solar powered accessory for a device, Microsoft has made a lot of money from Surface peripherals like the interchangeable covers. Supplemental type covers or the more common name for combination cover and keyboard are sold for Surface tablets since they were introduced to the market.

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February 18th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Tens of thousands of seniors plan to spend their retirement days travelling to tourist destinations. One of the more popular destinations in Australia is the Northern Beaches in NSW near the Pacific Coast. Since most seniors are now tech-savvy, they use their mobile phones to book an airport transfer from Cairns Airport to the stunning Northern Beaches.

Since most seniors have fixed income, they do not have to receive large bills for their internet and mobile use. There are seniors who own a laptop, computer or mobile phone for their emails and to make some Google searches. It is also typical for seniors to use their gadgets to manage accounts and payments.

If a senior user does use Word and his only online requirements is email or Google search, an Android tablet or a Windows laptop will suffice. Both devices have all the free required apps.

Most seniors do not need Microsoft office 365 which means, they do not have to pay for a $129 yearly subscription. A decent mobile plan is good enough because seniors do not often play games or stream however, there must be flexibility to change plans without any lock-ins. Their devices are often used at home and only require a 25Mbps plan. This will allow a senior to enjoy Netflix or other streaming services.

Meanwhile, it is also common for some seniors to stream a lot. This usually happens when they have multiple TV’s and computers. In this case, they can upgrade to the 50Mbps or 100Mbps plans. An option to reduce the need for a larger mobile phone plan is to use Wi-Fi data when at home.

Many mobile phone carriers offer mobile broadband but it is usually too slow to allow streaming. Most mobile broadband only have 5/10/20 GB monthly data allowances which are only enough to check emails and make Google searches.

The smartphone can be used as a 4G modem so that only a few GB will be required per month. The smartphone can be tethered wirelessly to the laptop. The smartphone will appear as a Wi-Fi router SSID. The senior can use the smartphone instead of spending $15 with Vodaphone to get a home modem.

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October 8th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

British pilot Andy Wallace watched with disbelief footage of himself reaching 304 miles per hour in a Bugatti Chiron. It looked quite easy like a video game but Wallace said it required months of preparation, endless testing of wind tunnels, the right tires and an overwhelming amount of tech.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ boasts of 16 cylinders, 4 turbo-chargers and 1,600 horsepower. Engineers developed the car with speed in mind and it can cruise faster than a small plane. Since Michelin was already making tires for the standard Chiron, they knew how to upgrade the Super Sport’s tires.

According to Benjamin Vilpert, a Michelin engineer, his team headed to Charlotte, North Carolina where their firm helps NASA test tires for the space shuttle. Michelin wanted to ensure that the tires it has developed for Wallace’s high speed run will pass all known boundaries. They learned the limits of the current tire and reinforced it with belt. They tested the tires after defining the right conditions.

Testing of the tires involved several computer simulations and high speed runs on a dynometer. Because technology was very precise, the Chiron never touched down in Charlotte. The Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that were developed by Michelin were only mounted a week before testing started on the Ehra-Lessien track in Germany.

Bugatti was able to find out how the Chiron would handle as it approached and exceeded 300 miles per hour through computer simulations. Testing started in a wind tunnel that allowed speeds up to 65 yards per second. Since 149 yards per minute on the track must be covered, digital tools were used to fill the gap.

Digital tools helped the engineers in shaping the car’s aerodynamic profile including the extended rear end that will keep the car planted on its 4 wheels through the addition of drag. Wallace was confident because technology prepared the Chiron for the high speed run.

Even if you do not have a Buggati, you can buy brand new Michelin tires that are guaranteed free from defects. Because great emphasis is placed on precision, almost all popular tire designs are available to accommodate different needs.

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September 6th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Life has become more efficient and convenient through the internet. Newsrooms can track wildfires through their computer and people can easily access Knightsbridge FX for currency exchange services without leaving their comfort of home. Technology has made it easy to do tasks that used to be unattainable.

The Amazon rainforest is on fire and the images coming from Brazil have spurred a major global reaction. Journalists, activists and educators are monitoring the Amazon fire and its progress through their laptops or tablets without the need to subscribe to a high resolution satellite imaging service. They only need an internet connection.

NASA operates Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS), a service that provides real-time tools that can map and manage wildfires. It requires the thermal signature anomalies that can be detected by Aqua, Terra and Suomi NPP satellites to plot data on the global base map within 3 hours of a satellite passing overhead.

Each of the satellites cruises over the equator two times a day. Full global coverage is available every 24 to 48 hours. The processed information is the closest to real-time fire detection that most people can encounter. Information is used by first responders and authorities to spot breakouts. New information that is uploaded to the service every few days allows tracking of the development and course of the wildfire and the area of the destruction left behind.

The Amazon fire started as a series of small localized fires on August 15 and quickly manifested into a 100-kilometer long fire by August 15. The fact that NASA provides free tools means that there are no barriers to prevent grassroots groups and media to provide real-time information during their coverage of the fire. The detection methods that are being used by space agencies can improve the detection and accuracy in the coverage of both manmade and natural fires.

Meanwhile, if you need currency exchange services, your best option is Knightsbridge FX that guarantees highly competitive exchange rates, great customer service and timely delivery of funds. Exchange rates are monitored every day to beat the exchange rates of the competitors. The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction at every transaction.



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February 24th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

There are several reasons why pipes break. Among them are pipes bursting and water heater malfunctions. These call for an emergency plumbing service. When water starts to overflow in your house, it can damage the structure and fixtures which could cause a lot of inconvenience to your family.

Many homeowners today act both as a homeowner and a handyman because of constant maintenance of home equipment. During emergency situations, it is always advisable to contact emergency plumbers in Brisbane who have the expertise in handling the job. You cannot act as a handyman in this kind of situation.

Getting the services of professional emergency plumbers in Brisbane is crucial to fixing the issue because of the following reasons:

  • Plumbers find a lasting solution

When pipes break at home, people panic and tend to make quick solutions notwithstanding if it is the best or safest solution to the issue. It is always important to get the services of professional emergency plumbers in Brisbane to fix the problem safely and securely.

  • Hiring emergency plumbers can save cost

People think hiring a professional plumber is expensive, but it’s not the case. The leaks and damage caused by a broken pipe can be very costly. You must address the issue immediately with the expertise of a qualified plumber.

  • Plumbers have professional expertise and training

Hiring a qualified plumber gives you the assurance of less possibility of errors than fixing the problem yourself. This means savings on cost.

  • Licensed plumbers carry insurance

It is beneficial to let licensed plumbers fix your broken pipes because they are covered with insurance that takes the responsibility for the cost of any other damages resulting from the repair of your broken pipes.

  • Professional plumbers ensure safety

Doing the repair, yourself is a dangerous undertaking. Broken pipes, huge water heaters, and other areas of plumbing in an emergency are all hazards to safety. It is always advantageous to let professional plumbers do the job.

The services of a professional emergency plumber may seem to be expensive, however, knowing the dangers that affect the safety and security of your home are far more important and expensive.

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June 19th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Florence County School District Five in Johnsonville, South Caroline, according to District Superintendent Randy Smiley says that, this year, the district will be prioritizing increasing safety measures in its schools, looking into security measures like swipe card entry systems and the like.

The district, back in regular operations by October, applied for grants through the region’s Abbeville process to get funding that the district will use to get security upgrades for the schools in the district, Smiley says. He elaborates, saying that the district saw an opportunity to get some work and upgrades done that they had wanted to tackle, but couldn’t in the past.

The Abbeville Capital Improvement Fund granted $915,000 to the Florence County School District Five, which Smiley says is what allowed the district to focus on improving security in their schools, fortifying entrances and other doors.

Smiley elaborates, saying that front entrances will now feature cameras, as well as necessitating ringing in for entry. This will allow secretaries inside the premises to see visitors with the cameras, have a remote conversation with them, and then allow them inside should they wish to.

Other common entrances that tend to be frequently used by teachers and/or students, will now get swipe card entry systems for security. According to Smiley, not only with entry points stay locked unless whoever is trying to enter has the right identification for access, but that principals can also control when the doors are open. He says that this measure is to for safety, of the school and of anyone entering, as they don’t want people entering the building alone, unsecured, and if they’re late. A school, he elaborates, have a lot of things happening at any given time, and they just want all the people in it safe, adults and children alike.

Johnsonville Elementary School Principal Dayne Coker says that the key-cards, which will double as IDs, will allow for an easier system, as they’re less prone to getting lost than normal keys.

The district’s camera system will also be upgraded, with new, clearer cameras, some allowing for a 360-degree view. They’ll allow for better viewing with their increased quality and numbers, Smiley says, letting people monitor places unseen before. Principals and law enforcement can also log on to the cameras’ system whenever and wherever, should the need arise.

Other planned upgrades include upgrades in the district include new flooring, HVAC upgrades and improving the lighting. Also, renovations are to be conducted at the district office.

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February 24th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Front and Sullivan, a business consulting firm, praised the new line of embedded box PC manufactured by Dell which is intended for industrial environment. The series released by Dell are the 3000 and 5000 box PCs and these are the same range, which received the North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership. This is another proof that the products are the leading in the current market.

The award is very important for Dell because this is the first time that the company launched their own range of embedded PCs and it has received recognition right away.

The box PCs are considered to be quite powerful when used as stand-alone computers which were developed to be used in a number of applications relating to industrial sector. It is suitable to be used in fleet management, video surveillance and handling of point of sales.

The models are not only versatile but they are also ruggedly made which is why the computers are ideal to be incorporated seamlessly in different kinds of form factors.

According to Rohit Karthikeyan, the research analyst of Frost & Sullivan, the 3000 series of the embedded box PCs is suitable for environments wherein tiny footprint is necessary. The 5000 series, on the other hand, is recommended to be used in applications requiring high level of bandwidth.

It is common for industrial computers to be designed in a way that it can handle harsher environments and this is the same factor that has been considered by Dell when they created the new series.

Karthikeyan added that the products can withstand harsh settings because these computers are fanless and they are equipped with solid state drivers. When it comes to embedded PCs, the most common components that are easily damaged are the rotating drivers and the fans.

One notable feature of the computers is that they can be used in an operating temperature ranging between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius despite the lack of air flow. The new range of embedded box PC is part of the measure being conducted by Dell in order to penetrate the market of IoT.

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May 23rd, 2017 by DonnaRLuce

Lead generation landing pages are hard to come by these days. It takes a lot of effort, time and skills into creating one that will generate a huge number of leads. According to a study conducted by Wishpond, about 87 per cent of users are not converted by the landing page they visited because of lacking in features and aspects.

Landing pages are essential in a business because the number of qualified leads gathered equates to the number of new clients. There are a number of reasons why your landing page is considered bad:

  • Not making any changes because leads are coming in regardless of the number.
  • No idea on what aspects to change in the site.
  • Afraid of making changes because potential clients might not be happy with it.

Here are some of the top reasons why landing pages continue to generate fewer leads or no leads at all:

  • When dealing with business online, trust is your number one investment. According to a study conducted by UX Matters, about 70 per cent of consumers are not going with a specific insurance agency because their information does not build trust. People should be able to invest their trust thus the landing page should contain positive testimonials from current clients.
  • While providing information is a good thing, too much of it may not be as good. This is why it is recommended that an insurance agency’s land page should be as simple as possible. Too much content can overwhelm the visitor and might shift their focus from the actual product the company is selling.
  • Presenting the product in a complicated manner is a common mistake. For a brokerage, it does not require that everything should be detailed in the landing page. A simple description of what the company is offering will suffice. Consumers that do not understand the technicalities might feel intimated in doing business with the company if everything is presented in jargon they cannot relate to.
  • Lead generation landing pages that contains a lot of “calls to action” might not be aware of the harm they are doing. Visitors who are challenged to make decisions will more likely leave the site thus it is the job of the company to ensure that customers know what actions to take and what the next steps are.

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