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July 30th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

You are undoubtedly familiar with maps that are used for navigation. However, there is another type of map that is popularly used for marketing promotions – the illustrated map. Unlike the regular maps, the focus of illustrated maps is particular landscape features that represents a certain place. Examples of illustrated maps can be accessed if you go to their website.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is keeping both adults and children in their homes. Both use their computers or smartphones to work from home, study online or entertain themselves. The unprecedented demands on the internet make some people worry about a possible internet overload.

Netflix and YouTube have come with a solution to prevent internet overload by reducing streaming quality in Europe. EU officials have required individual users to refrain from using high definition video. Enormous amounts of internet traffic might disrupt their internet due to too much activity.

However, Paul Levinson, professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University said that the internet has an enormous amount of redundancies and backups in its system. This means that if one app or system goes down, it is very unlikely for the whole internet system to collapse.

Meanwhile, Luke Deryckx, chief technology officer of Ookla said that the real concern is not the internet infrastructure but the increasing number of end users that are sharing the same Wi-Fi system. Ookla has detected slowdowns in internet speeds mostly from residential places in New York and California. Other nations that suffered from the coronavirus outbreak like China and Italy also experienced noticeable internet slowdowns.

Video conferencing services that are being used for remote learning, conferences and entertainment are also experiencing internet sluggishness. Even if the internet service provider is working fine, Netflix and Zoom might struggle to keep up with the heavy volume of traffic.

While the internet is very essential in daily life, there are other important things to consider like promoting the brand. One of the more effective tools that can be used is illustrated maps that are guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience. More information is provided if you go to their website that explains how illustrated maps are created.

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April 25th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Most Americans rarely have problems with their home internet service. If they want to know more about illustrated maps, they can easily search the internet and come up with results in just a few seconds. However, millions of people are now working and studying from home due to the pandemic and internet networks are strained to the hilt.

A tech worker from Palo Alto, California had to use work apps like video conferencing that eats a lot of data. He shares the internet service with his wife who is also working from home and children who are streaming movies. After 5 days of this activity, the internet service ground to a halt. No more video calls or big email attachments.

The internet’s underlying structure is strained and the burden is more likely to be felt in 2 areas – the home network in residences and home internet service from Comcast, Charter and Verizon. The Internet infrastructure is generally accustomed to peak activity at certain times of the day. However, work from home and study from home have shown new heights of internet use. This is particularly true when many users are sharing the same internet connection throughout the day and using data-hungry apps.

It is more challenging for last-mile services like cable broadband and fibre-based broadband services that provide a different internet service from what is available in offices and schools. It is like comparing a garden hose in homes with big pipes that carry internet traffic in offices and schools.

Many consumers subscribe to broadband plans that have lower capacity than those found in workplaces. Congestion and slowness may result when users of a single Wi-Fi network stream movies or do video conferencing at the same time. Bandwidth may be sufficient for a couple of home computers but not when you add children who are studying from home, playing games or streaming movies.

Even with slow connection, it will only take you a few seconds to access using a desktop, laptop or smartphone. You can commission a map illustration of a certain place or area for whatever purpose you may require. You can also include a message for your audience.

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March 3rd, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

In the past, illustrators would create bird’s eye view maps with detailed architectural illustration crafted from a favorable vantage point. Aerial view maps would capture a moment in time making it very interesting to anyone who views it. However, the increasing amount of geodata gave birth to digital maps that people can access through their computers.

People have become accustomed to smartphones to access social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or YouTube including The New York Times. In Cuba, people can easily download the Spanish version of Miami Herald which is infamous for anti-Cuban government reporting. Cubans use Signal, an encrypted messaging app that was developed by Edward Snowden to prevent the US government from eavesdropping.

Over the past decade, Cuba has made great progress in internet accessibility but government officials from the United States, right-wing Cuban exiles in Miami and conservative human rights group want Cuba to intentionally limit access to the internet.

Meanwhile, according to Freedom House, a conservative think tank, the Cuban government is actually keeping the country technologically backward and censors websites of political dissent. The fact is Cuba remains as one of the worlds’ most disconnected countries because of its repressive environment for information and communication technologies.

In January 2020, a survey made by the Open Observatory of Network Interference revealed that the Cuban government has blocked 36 websites most of which were created by dissidents that are supported by the United States like blogger Yoani Sanchez and Ladies in White, an organizer of anti-government protests in Cuba. However, Cubans who want to visit such sites only need to download Virtual Private Network or VPN that allows unfiltered access to the internet.

On the other hand, the US prohibits Cubans from using their commercial websites like Amazon, computer companies and banks as part of the unilateral embargo of Cuba. This US policy restricts both Americans and Cubans to freely communicate through the internet.

Because aerial view maps with detailed architectural illustration are both hand drawn and digital, they can be accessed through the internet. The illustrated maps can be used by towns, cities, resorts or campuses for marketing purposes. They can also be framed and hanged on the boardroom walls as a  topic for conversations.

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May 27th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

If there is one thing that is true about this world, it is the fact that everything is always at a constant change. Everything is changing rapidly nowadays. It feels just like yesterday when Nokia dominated the mobile phone industry but now its infamous 3310 had become a legend as smart phones have now taken over everything.

The same thing can be said about maps. However, its progression came a bit slower. But unlike mobile phones which are deemed as a ‘convenience’ rather than ‘necessity,’ maps are inherently important to human culture and its connection to people dates back to ancient times. As old as it may be, there is nothing permanent in this world and who knows how long people will get to see paper maps.

Over the years maps have evolved together with people and now that almost everything has gone digital, where do paper maps play a role in this digital society?

Throughout ancient civilization all the way to the 1800s and 1900s, paper maps were the navigation tool of choice. However, during the latter half of the 20th century, the progression of paper maps had begun to slow down as technology continued to advance. As technology began to rise, so did the people’s reliance on it.

In the 1960s, through the efforts of Howard Fisher and the Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, the GIS (geographic information system) and its development began to grow and with the founding of the Environmental Science Research Institute, their research on cartography had set precedents in the GIS industry. GIS and GPS have continued to develop throughout the 1970s especially during the introduction of space-based navigation and positioning systems.

Now, the paper map industry has been on constant decline and cartography jobs are being downsized. But it should be noted that many studies deem paper maps more reliable and accurate than digital ones however, this still doesn’t help with the current decline of paper maps.

Now when it comes to the future of paper maps, while many believe that they will soon be non-existent, this is actually impossible from happening. People are fond of maps, like colorful illustrated maps. The same thing had been said about books but you haven’t seen any libraries closing down yet. The thing is, while digital maps are dominating the world of navigation today, most of these maps still rely on paper maps like physical maps, climate maps and even illustrated maps, as a resource. So it would be good to say that while the future of paper maps may not be too bright, it is far from getting dim either.

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