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December 21st, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

According to a recent study from strategic multichannel consultancy Practicology and UX testing provider WhatUsersDo, brands are making serious mistakes on mobile strategies causing them to lose money on the investment. The study found out that there were basic mistakes in download capabilities, optimization and poor design that would result into frustration and bad experience that retailers could not afford.

Most of the promotional content on mobile was not optimized for smaller screen sizes and certain web pages were not actually optimized for mobile. Download problems are often encountered with the homepage menu stuck permanently for some users. Some sites were rather slow to load on mobile and this did little to inspire confidence on a brand. It often leads to users assuming that there is something seriously wrong with the site.

Other challenges that the study found out on some sites included problems with completing forms at checkout and failure to scroll past he maps on the store locator results page. However, there were reports of some new features on mobile product results page. Features that are very useful to consumers include ease of finding contact and returns information.

The report also revealed that meeting customer’s expectations on mobile are becoming more important than ever because people have become rather reliant on mobile. In the past, web users would often blame their devices for their poor experience but as smartphones have become highly sophisticated users have realized that the mistakes are something that retailers have to be resolve. Most retailers still have to go a long way in order to maximize their revenue.

Mobile plays an important role in a business’s marketing strategy and it means delivering an outstanding customer experience. It is strongly advised to Perth electricians to start considering personification at the center of the marketing strategy. Personification means understanding the journey of your customer before he makes a decision. In most cases, there is an emotional reason why the decision has been made and it needs a lot of data to extract that information. To arrive at the right marketing strategy, it is important to gather and analyze data about potential customers.

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October 22nd, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

One of the best ways to reinvigorate a home is by decorating and painting it. One can get a lot of benefits when you decorate and paint your home. Unfortunately, painting and decorating are both difficult tasks that cannot just be simply done. One would need to have the patience and the skill for such tasks. That is why it is better to hire professionals who can do the work for you. There are many painters and decorators who are willing to give you a helping hand, for a price that is.

The problem is, finding a suitable painter or decorator can be quite tough. You never know if you can actually trust the person. Chances are, you might hire someone who is incapable of effectively performing the tasks which can be considered as a bad investment and a waste of your time.

To help you out a bit, here are some tips to guide you when hiring painters or decorators.

  1. The first thing to do is to assess the job. This means that you would need to carefully think about all the places that need to be painted. Also, you would need to think about every necessary preparation. It is best if you list them all down.
  2. The best place to look for a painter or decorator is in the Internet. The Internet hosts a number of companies who are willing to lend you their professionals. You will never run out of options. Even when you are planning to manage the painting job yourself, it is still better if you hire a professional to help you out.
  3. The best recommendations are from family and friends who have experienced conducting painting and decorating projects in their own homes. Ask them about who helped them out.
  4. When you found a certain company, make sure to ask important questions. Will your painter be insured? Who is responsible for the heavy work? What schedule will they follow?
  5. Don’t just settle for the first painter or decorator you can find. Remember, the Internet is filled with painters and decorators Northampton. You never run out of choices. In the end, you can only trust your instincts.

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August 6th, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

The fifth season of Shark Tank featured the makers of ugly Christmas sweaters from Tipsy Elves – Nicklaus Morton and Evan Mendelsohn – and its now booming company. The reality show is where Robert Herjavec made a deal with the two and invested on their company that makes and sells ugly Christmas sweaters. Robert even admitted that by far, Tipsy Elves, is the company where his investment really made a huge success. The deal involves the exchange of $100,000 and they are to give Robert 10 per cent of their business. After being featured in the show, the company has now made an expansion and selling other apparels as well such as college sweaters, t-shirts and jumpsuits. On their latest appearance, the founders met with Robert and presented to him their latest products as well as an update on the yearly review of the business.

Morton and Mendelsohn shared how they attended the same university when they were in college and expressed their disappointments whenever they need to go to a party and wear ugly Christmas sweaters. The pair would usually buy from the thrift store and all they were able to get are vintage sweaters made for women. With the knowledge of the lack of shops when it comes to buying ugly Christmas sweaters, the pair used the power of internet marketing and were able to find out how there was an online demand but not enough supply for the products. This is when they started the company.

Their business started in 2011 and they were able to provide more options when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters that will suit the younger generation. Aside from that, their designs are classic but with a hint of modern styles and a topping of crude humor to make it more appealing to the audience.

Morton shared how they figured out everything on their own – from the manufacturing of the apparel, to making their own website and using social media in order to market their products. The latest development is that the company was able to get out of the ugly Christmas sweaters niche and release more products such as T-shirts, fanny packs and socks.

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August 3rd, 2015 by DonnaRLuce

With the real estate industry in a boom, one of the companies that has greatly benefited in this development is the HomeUnion investment.

Why invest in real estate?
The global economic crisis last 2008 can be attributed to the scandal of subprime mortgages and housing bubbles of the United States. After the issue surfaced, there was a significant recession in the real estate sector and only a few leaned on investing in the dwindling sector. Those that took advantage of the lowered real estate prices were the ones, who benefited much from it.

Competitive returns
As the data presents from the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), it shows that the commercial real estate industry returns an average of 8.4 percent from a 10 year period, specifically from 2000 to 2010. This certain performance was achieved with the low vitality of bonds and equities.
Another driving force in the increase of the profitability of the real estate sector is the continuous improvement in the technological world. While the sophistication of new technology has been a great spur in advancing the real estate industries, there are risks that come with it. Security in the online world has always been threatened by the presence of online hackers as well as viruses.

It is therefore important that you protect your website and pertinent files from attackers. You need to ascertain the different types of threats that you might encounter and match it with the necessary security measures.

The basics to look for
Check the following basic rules when looking for the best security product which usually depends on the type of device that you are using.

Windows protection. The features in Windows related security are usually the most comprehensive ones. You will find yourself protected from the general viruses like Trojans, spyware and other malware viruses. The suites will mostly include real time scanning when you upload or download different applications. Firewalls are also included and other privacy features like encrypted vaults when storing passwords. There are also available anti-spam tools and parental control features.

– OS X protection. Macs are penetrable by viruses and have to be protected. Gone were the days when people thought of Macs to be invincible to outside attacks.

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