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January 26th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Funeral homes and directors need to build successful branding in order to attract clients. The marketing strategy should be able to differentiate the services offered by the funeral home, create an emotional connect with the target audience, build trust in the minds of prospective clients and has to deliver the intended message clearly.

Here are some tips that guide funeral homes and funeral directors in Sydney, to create effective branding strategy for their funeral homes.

Identify the needs and wants of target customers

Funeral homes should identify their target audience and understand their needs and requirements. Conduct a survey of your community to know information about the age and gender demographics, income levels, race and religion of the majority population etc. Identify the funeral services that are preferred by people in the neighbourhood. This will help you to offer the services that appeal to the people in the neighbourhood.

Create a USP

The competitive advantage helps the funeral homes to stay ahead of the competition and attract families. The USP can be anything like, offering low-cost services, providing better facilities than competitors, offering customization in funeral services, having experienced funeral directors to take care of the proceedings, use of modern technology etc. Once the USP is identified, you have to create a marketing campaign that highlights the competitive advantage.

Use different marketing channels to deliver the message to the customers

Funeral homes should create useful content that resonates with the target audience and highlights the USP, and use multiple digital and traditional channels to market the content. Since most of the modern families use the internet to search for services, funeral director can use different digital mediums like emails, social media apps, websites etc. to catch the attention of the target audience and deliver the intended message.

Create an emotional connect with the customers

Funeral homes have to design a marketing campaign that enables them to create an emotional connect with the target audience. Some tips to create an emotional connect are to use the symbols and photos that depict the neighbourhood you are serving in the website, post pictures of your funeral home, funeral directors in Sydney and the staff at your funeral home on the website so that the families can view the facilities offered at the funeral home and know the staff without visiting the funeral home.

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February 27th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Since the introduction of funeral homes, it has been associated as a dark place wherein everyone who enters is in the state of mourning. The same vibe has been given off by funeral homes in Sydney but in Idaho they are trying to change this notion by creating party rooms. These rooms can be utilized by the grieving family to celebrate the life of the one who passed away by having a glass of wine and organizing other activities.

Cremations are now in demand because this option is less costly. This provides flexibility to the grieving families as the plan the memorial of their loved one. In Idaho, traditional burial is decreasing  and people are no longer tied to wearing black.

According to a mortician and funeral home owner, Heidi Heil, people nowadays are no longer willing to spend ten thousand dollars for a traditional funeral. Majority of her clients are expressing their unwillingness to plan for an expensive funeral service. The younger generation, on the other hand, no longer felt that they should follow the traditional religious service but prefers to have casual events as a tribute to the deceased.

Funeral homes must adapt with these changes thus their offerings are also changing. Heil said that their job description has become more general that they are now considered to be event planners. They plan for the venue as well as the event.

Heil’s funeral home is already equipped with an outdoor patio and it also has an indoor kitchen. Regardless, the set up is still far from being an event centre thus she decided to apply for a liquor license back in 2013. This is because she has noted that many of her clients are craving for alcohol during these events.

Heil admitted that she thinks of herself as a visionary because she has already foreseen that people will eventually turn to cremation and traditional burial will gradually become a part of history. This is also something that many funeral homes in Sydney are in agreement with because they are already seeing how the tides have changed.

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