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December 25th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

COVID-19 has hit the world hard, with people having been forced to make serious adjustments to their daily lives. Schools have been forced to close and students have had to learn from home more. Even things like history tuition have been forced to go online, and a lot of students have had a lot of trouble keeping up.

In Texas, a lot of students have been failing due to the education sector in the state being stretched thin, with online learning and teachers going through a rough time. In response, retired teachers in the state have stepped up to the plate, coming back into the business to help kids amidst the pandemic.

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation recently launched their latest endeavor, an online tutoring portal for Texas students. The platform and the foundation have had hundreds of teachers from across Texas signing up to provide history tuition and other educational help for students across the state.

Texas Retired Teachers Association Executive Director Tim Lee says that kids are suffering, not just in Texas but across the US, and they feel that it might be due to issues with in-class environments. Lee noted that they’re bringing all of the retired teachers that sign up, and bringing them back in in order to make a difference and deal with the failure rates.

Lee reported that they managed to raise money from donations, which they’ll be using to pay for the tuition program. The end goal, they say, is to raise $10mn in funding, and to provide at least 250,000 hours of tutoring to students across Texas.

They note that Texas has 400,000 retired school employees, with over 1,200 school districts and 6mn kids across the state. The aim, Lee says, is to do what they can and make a difference.

Austin ISD saw a 50% increase in student failures, while Hays CISD saw an increase in failures of 30%.

The new program isn’t just for the benefit of the students, as the online tuition platforms also give the retired teachers to earn income. This is particularly helpful for retired teachers who can’t act as substitute teachers due to being considered a higher risk.

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September 18th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

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Meanwhile, computers have become indispensable to people across the world. Modern educational strategies want every elementary school student to have a computer as an essential educational tool. Many businesses are helping to fund a program to make tablet computers available to every child.

However, the advantage of having a computer can be limited if there is no access to the internet. European countries are trying to make the internet available to all its citizens. According to France’s Supreme Court, the internet is a basic right. Finland is the first country to declare that broadband internet access is a legal right.

Internet availability has become a critical component of education. However, a divide continues to grow between kids that have internet access and those who don’t. In some parts of the world, access to the internet has become a privilege.

Lack of internet access is the single biggest obstacle that prevents the less fortunate from competing. There are many issues that are being tackled by school boards but none of them are nearly as important as ensuring that all students have the necessary tools to be competitive.

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