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April 13th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Published online articles about orthodontic braces may vary in quality. Others may lack information while some, according to a study from the Netherlands, may not be precise. Due to the convenience of online searching, more and more orthodontic patients look for answers on the web. While it helps many readers, there are people who question the kind of information they find.


To conduct a study, the team of researchers made use of different search engines to locate websites that provide oral hygiene advice for braces. They went on with specific search terms, such as “oral hygiene and braces”, “how to clean braces”, and other common terms. They were able to conduct an evaluation on at least 62 websites in terms of reliability, access, and usefulness. They also checked the level of readability and how complete the information they provide. Majority of the websites were written by professionals and edited by orthodontists. Only 15% were found to have been authored by unknown contributors. A lot of websites are also established by authentic clinics, such as, an online orthodontic page of Exeter Orthodontics.


The study finds that the websites can be accessible, especially those that include video instructions because they are good for audiences who are vision and hearing deficient. When it comes to readability, the pages scored moderate or on average. 13 to 15 year olds can easily understand their information. The websites also got a moderate score on the completeness of information. Majority of them were able to give instructions about how patients should brush their braces while half were recommending a good toothpaste brand. However, out of 62 websites, there were only 17 that are complete with oral hygiene guidelines. Researchers say it was problematic because patients should learn from online dental clinics especially about dental health. Patients who are not aware of the importance of properly cleaning teeth and braces are susceptible to dental and oral issues. This is why at, all necessary information that viewers should know are well-provided. You can also ask questions to the chat support agent that will pop out once you visit the page.

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April 13th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

With technology advancing as quickly as it does, industries and fields across the world are adapting to keep up. The majority of dentists and dental practices now have sites like, but some have started embracing things like automation and 3D technology.

University Malaya Faculty of Dentistry Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Firdaus Hariri made a statement on the matter, saying that technology is very useful for the dentistry industry, though its influence is quite new, and quite costly.

He notes that digital technology, unlike sites like and online presence, is costly, which is why the industry is slow on the uptake. Dr. Firdaus states that these costs would likely go to the patient.

Dr. Firdhaus, who also operates as a consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the University Malaya Medical Centre (UUMC) and the faculty’s Oral and Maxillofacial Clinical Sciences Department, states that IR4.0 is quite new, but is very much a welcome improvement. Among its many benefits, he says, it has eased the discomfort of patients, while also cutting down on the occupational health and safety hazards dentists have to deal with.

He notes how dentists only need to use a scanner, no bigger than a pen, to get an image of the teeth, which can be used to make a model, which, in turn, can be used to produce dental guides, dentures, or crowns, a process that would’ve taken several months in the past.

Dr. Firdhaus notes that IR4.0 can do a lot for the teaching of new dentists, which is why it must be integrated into the curriculum.  He admits that it, alongside software and robotics, need to be mastered by the dentistry field or they risk being left behind by the march of technology.

He does concede that while IR4.0 is necessary, it has rendered some skills, and the people who rely on those skills for their jobs, redundant, like technicians In charge of creating dental models.

Disruptive technology, Dr. Firdhaus notes, reduces the need for human presence in every process, but dentistry students still need the basic principle and skills to be able to practice safely and effectively.


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October 18th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

While many people, kids included, wonder just what is a jaw expander is, one girl in San Antonio, Texas became intimately familiar with them, to her great joy, as the orthodontic aid brought an end to years of sleeping and breathing problems.

Little Isabella Salazar has been dealing with a number of health issues since her birth, as she was born 24 weeks premature. Janelle Morales, her mother, stated that the kid has always had trouble sleeping, and also snored a lot for her age. These issues hampered her sleep, resulting in Isabella getting less sleep than she should, which has affected her studies. On top of that, her breathing issues resulted in the kid getting bullied in school.

Salazar’s pediatrician reported that Isabella’s weight was the cause of her problems.

Isabelle says that her friends told her that she breathed heavy a lot, and it made her a bit sad, as it felt kind of mean to be told such things.

The family accepted their pediatrician’s diagnosis for years, until Isabella’s teeth began crowding, wherein they decided to head for Stone Oak Orthodontics, to get a diagnosis, and, if necessary, get braces. The doctor there, Dr. Tito Norris, the orthodontist on site, did a 15-minute examination and immediately found the issue; enlarged tonsils.

According to Dr. Norris, it was easy to determine what the problem was, as it was clear even with just the initial examination. The issue with the airways was easy to find, as orthodontists at Stone Oak like him don’t just check the teeth, they look at the whole mouth, and even the throat.

Following the initial diagnosis, Salazar got a CT scan, and was sent to other doctors who made additional examinations. According to her, however, the biggest change was when she got the answer to “What is a jaw expander”, when Dr. Norris outfitted her with a micro-implant assisted rapid palatal expander (MARPE), a device which slowly widened her upper jaw to create more space inside her mouth. Notably, Stone Oak is the only office in San Antonio that offers this particular procedure.

Norris explains that the MARPE is fairly new technology that acts on the skeleton, opening the airway of patients more than tooth-borne expanders. He adds that the MARPE takes about six weeks to provide desired results.

As for Isabella, her mother reports that the girl has slept better, doesn’t snore as loud, or have episodes at night where she’s having trouble breathing. The little girl says that it’s given her more energy to play and be a kid.

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October 14th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Dental implants are the safest and long lasting tools to replace missing teeth. They are screw like structures made of Titanium, which are inserted into the jawbone or on it. However, the cost of these implants is very high due to the high level of precision and customization required to produce them.

Most of the patients are searching for durable and affordable dental implants because the cost of dental treatments is not covered in the medical insurance. On an average one dental implant costs around $ 3000, which is lot of money. And when you have to replace two or more teeth, it becomes a large amount.

A little bit of research and caution can help you save money on dental implants. Find out about the best dental implant specialists in your neighborhood and the rates charged by them for a single implant. Most of the dentists refuse to give an estimate until they examine your teeth, so it is advisable to book a consultation with some of the shortlisted dental implant specialists. Most of the reputed dental clinics offer free first consultation.

Ask the dental implants clinic to provide a rough price estimate after the examination. You can use this estimate to compare the rates charged by different clinics. However, to ensure that you get good quality treatment, it is recommended to consider other factors along with the price. When comparing the prices charged by various clinics, it is advisable to first make a list of all the costs that are included in the estimate. The price estimate should contain

  1. Regular consultation fee
  2. Cost of X-rays and 3D imaging procedures
  3. Anesthesia charges
  4. Charges for taking dental impressions
  5. Cost of any preparatory surgeries.
  6. Cost of materials(implant, crown and abutment)
  7. Cost of medications, aftercare and follow-ups.

Apart from the price, consider the qualification, experience and skill of the dentist treating you. The doctor should have a good record of inserting dental implants successfully.

Finding affordable dental implants is a tough job because the process of making implants is time-consuming and lengthy. But doing some homework can help you get a good deal for dental implants. Check with your friends and family, who have undergone dental implant surgeries and choose a qualified and experience clinic that offers services at reasonable prices.

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August 7th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

It is common among dental patients to worry about the finances of denture process. However, the truth is dentures do not have to cause you much expenses without compromising its quality. That’s if you know how to pick the right type. Before you worry the range of prices of dentures, it is important to know what you need. Choosing the right one among the variety of choices will help you minimize the cost. For you to know the details and differences of each type, read below.

  • Full or partial: It is true that getting a complete or full set of dentures is more expensive. However, if you go for partial pairs, it requires thorough measuring and a series of adjustments which may result to higher cost of dentures.
  • Fixed or removable: Fixed dentures are the type that are permanent while removables are obviously those that you may remove. Each type offers different advantages, but fixed dentures are more costly.
  • Materials: On your dental visit, your specialist may offer you a lot of materials to choose from for your dentures. The difference of each cost will depend on the comfort they provide. The acrylic versions are more affordable. The flexible types are more expensive but they are softer.
  • Dentist: If you want to get affordable cost of dentures, it is ideal to go for a dentist who does general or cosmetic dentistry. But if you want to be more assured of the procedure, it is best to talk to a specialist first and know your dental issue so you will find out the right dental treatment for you. You may find a different dentist for your dentures. Take note though that seeing an extra specialist may need you to increase your budget.
  • Payment: Nowadays, some cost of dentures may already be covered by dental care insurance. If you still do not have one, you may talk to your dentist about it.Ask him or her for a payment plan that will fit your budget. Once you have your dentures, take note that the adjustment period may take time and it may require another more checkups.

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