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November 13th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Tencentis known in China as a technology giant developing video games. It might not be easy to find cheap CD keys of the games they have developed if there is actually one. In a recent announcement, the company said that they are going to employ facial recognition in order to monitor their players and put a name to their faces while they are playing Honor of Kings which is a video game released in the country.

The game is locally called WangzheRongyao but in the western part of the world it is called either Arena of Valor or Kings of Glory. The online game features battle scenario and can be played multiplayer. As of writing, it is one of the well-played games in China and its grossing is also record-breaking in the online industry.

Barely two months ago, Tencent said that around 1,000 video games who are in the Honor of Kings database are to be chosen in random. Their faces are going to be recorded before matching to the ID photos they have in the citizen database of China. This decision is part of the measure being implemented by the company to make sure that real names are used when logging in to the game in order to avoid children who are below 12 years old from playing in excess of one hour daily starting 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening. Minors who are 12 years and above, can play a maximum of two hours every day.

An additional feature is the blurring of the screen in case the player’s face is positioned too close to the monitor or the television screen. These are all put in place after the government of China criticized the gaming industry especially the game Honor of Kings. Xi Jinping who is the president of China, made an announcement about the bad side effects of playing too much video games. It is now easier to download video games and there are cheap CD keys available which is convenient even for minors to be able to play games regardless of where they are.

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October 15th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

The challenge is still on for the ceramic tile industry of Pakistan because of the continued increase in energy proves, the Import Trade Price or ITP is extremely low for imported tiles coming from China and other countries, the tax rates are higher than before and the amount of smuggle tiles coming from Iran has also spiked. It is safe to say that the local manufacturers of interior stone tiles are not happy about these developments.

International producers of ceramic and porcelain tiles are benefiting from the very low values of Import Trade Price and the fact that the country is not strict when it comes to smuggling regulations. Because of these, foreign manufacturers supply more than 40 per cent of the tile market which is equivalent to almost 80 million square meters. Domestic producers, on the other hand, are suffering because the production costs in the country are higher and the competition is not fair considering that the imported tile products are much cheaper.

Nearly 60 per cent of the tile market is located near or around Punjab. The remaining tile sales are coming from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. More the28 per cent of the market is already covered by imported tile manufacturers coming from China. Producers from European nations and other foreign countries only cover a very small fraction of the entire market which is estimated to be lower than one per cent.

Over 13 per cent of the market, however, is getting their supply from Iran which smuggles ceramic tiles into Pakistan. The remaining market is covered by local manufacturers including Forte, Master, Swat, Karam and Sonex. These companies have 50,000 employers and between 80 and 85 per cent of them are unskilled.

The industry is now calling to the government to help the manufacturers of interior stone tiles by decreasing energy costs and preventing foreign products from importing their products whether legally or illegally into Pakistan. Experts believed that the industry, if well supported and regulated, can grow significantly which will result to more employment opportunities for the locals as well as contribute to the country’s export and GDP.

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October 11th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

As the main commercial and economic centre of Vietnam, Saigon throbs with excitement and energy. With over nine million people and nearly six million motorbikes running on the busy city streets all day and night, the city fascinates the chaos with a luxury hotel in Saigon, some restaurants and cafes, and shopping centres. Definitely, there is something a visitor can recognise when spending a luxurious and worthwhile vacation to the busy metropolis.

From high-end shopping to rooftop dining, there’s certainly an exceptional luxury experience in Saigon:

  • Shopping

If you’re out for a genuine Chinese ambiance in Vietnam, why not be at the Binh Tay Market or the city’s Chinatown, where almost all locals go to shop. Or you can head to the Ho Chi Minh City Centre or Diamond Plaza for high-end shopping. You can also go to the Le Cong Kieu Street where you can shop famous antiques that an eager shopper will enjoy.

  • Rooftop Bars and Views

If you want to enjoy an incredible view of the city, go up the tallest Bitexco Financial Tower. You can proceed to the EON 51 Heli Bar if you love to enjoy the cocktails aside from the spectacular views. You can enjoy the sparkling wine with Tanqueray gin, lime juice and mint, or the Le Loi Johnny Walker whisky with soaked sugar cube and a dash of soda. Enjoy it while the music is at its loud side. There’s also the La Villa French Restaurant to go to if you like fine dining.

  • Central Post Office

The building was designed by Gustave Eiffel, which showcases the grand exterior of the French architectural design. When you enter this tourist attraction, you’ll be surprised that it’s a completely functional Post Office. On its walls are historical map murals of south Vietnam, Cholan and Saigon. A large mosaic of the late leader meets every people coming in and out of the building.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

At the city centre is the Notre Dame Cathedral with the statue of the peaceful St. Mary holding the globe. Constructed in the mid-1800s, the building showcases the classical French architecture. It’s located in a colourful corner of downtown and many tourists never miss a visit here. After a hectic tour and adventure, they return to the luxury hotel in Saigon to relax and soothe themselves.

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September 22nd, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Technology is shaking up the financial advice sector because there are just too many options available right now and more are being launched. It is even surprising to know that there is a financial advice website that people can go to when they need help which eliminates the need to contact an advisor in the flesh. The change might be for good but it could be too much for some.

The big question now is whether the role of a financial advisor remains the same considering that there is now technology that can be accessed in every turn such as in buying and selling investment.

According to Toronto-based Coleman Wealth, Raymond James Ltd’s portfolio manager as well as senior vice president, Darren Coleman, the tools are definitely not the same as before. He added that the benefits will be for both parties – the financial advisor and the clients but there is nothing escaping the fact that some things can be confusing too. With the amount of technological tools available, it is like choosing one from 5,000 different flavours of ice cream.

Aside from the technology, the expectations of the investors have also changed with regards to how they are going to interact with their financial advisors. Creating and managing a portfolio is not as challenging as before with the help of smartphone devices and these very same devices are also the right hand of the advisors in order to know balancing, the forecasts of the technical aspects and the fund research.

The average population is also living longer than before therefore management of the financial aspect is taken in long-term. Mr. Coleman said that people are no longer confined to planning until they are 65 years old but rather they have to think about managing their money so they will be able to fund their lifestyle until they reach 95 years old.

There is also the dilemma of the increasing number of younger generation that prefers to use financial advice website rather than to search for an actual financial advisor they can consult and talk to.

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September 19th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

An alliance of various companies are considering Western Australia’s capital city of Perth as home to LNG projects, expecting the city to be on par with Doha, Houston, and Aberdeen.

From Norway to Australia

Mike Deeks flew from London to Norway to push international businesses to establish engineering and logistics companies in Perth, opening up thousands of high-paying jobs to its residents. The Western Australia’s government hopes that these engineering and logistics companies in Perth like Worley Parsons, Halliburton, and Schlumberger would invest on local skilled workers, offering up to $200,000 annual salary.

The LNG Task Force

The push for these companies to employ locals will be led by Mark McGowan, Meredith Hammat, and other representatives from established companies and institutions in the country, including the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Shell, Wood side, Santos, and Chevron.

Mark McGowan explains that they are the gorilla in the industry. He adds that they have made plans to get the right people from the right companies to be in the same room and discuss this matter so that they can establish a long, successful future in Australia, and work together towards it.

Strong Local Service

McGowan adds that the city had the edge against established energy capitals, especially because they have a strong local service sector. They believe that the workers in Perth can provide high-quality service, not only in meeting the requirements of the company, but also in propelling innovations, and developing improvements to make the productivity even better. With up to 45,000 jobs projected to be available, many of the citizens in the city are high-skilled workers that could greatly contribute to the long-term success of the companies that would choose the city as their headquarters.

Stedman Ellis, an APPEA chief operating officer, explains that the competitive sector of the city can generate up to 8,250 local hobs. The city’s increasing capacity and exporting services are seen as their edge, marking Perth as one of the largest LNG hubs in the world.

According to a report conducted by consultants McKinsey and Company in 2016, left without any intervention from industries and the government, the service sector would support 10,000 to 15,000 less jobs in the country. Such is a huge number to fill in terms of unemployment and income disparity. This further highlights the importance of taking necessary steps to get companies on-board and invest in the city.

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August 13th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

If you have a physical store or office for your business, you must apply for an EIN in Oklahoma but what about those online stores that are operating outside of the state? In a recent ruling, the United States Supreme Court has decided that states are now legally allowed to put in place taxes to businesses that are outside of the state as long as they have goods coming in which are ordered through the internet. Politicians in Oklahoma got a little bit excited of this ruling because they though they will be able to collect more tax dollars.

That big hope was squashed when it was calculated that the potential tax gains may not be as high as they think. There is a risk to it too because careless collections of taxes might impact the economy negatively which is opposite their main goal.

Ever since the rise of online shopping, states are not allowed to collect taxes from businesses that have no physical shop within their jurisdiction. Local sales taxes are also not imposed on the business as long as the customer ordered through an online method or catalogue. The customers, however, are mandated to pay the tax but only few do so and many do not bother to report whatever they ordered online since it cannot be tracked by the taxation authorities.

Now the Supreme Court decided to overturn its previous decisions. With this, the state of Oklahoma is given the permission to mandate businesses all over the United States to pay state as well as local taxes as long as they are selling products to consumers residing within Oklahoma. Other states are also given the permission to impose the same rules in all Oklahoma businesses that are selling their products online to consumers residing in other states.

The sales tax rate for the state of Oklahoma is currently 4.5 per cent and if there is an additional sales tax rate imposed by the local then the total could reach 11.5 per cent. According to estimates, the residents of Oklahoma spend almost $3 billion on annual purchases through online channels thus the state government could earn as much as $160 million per year. This is on top of sales earned from businesses that were able to apply for an EIN in Oklahoma which are also mandated to pay taxes.

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July 12th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Typical office workers will spend most of their time sitting in their office chairs on a daily basis than having spent on home chairs. While many of them don’t get to choose their chairs, those who do make a choice of choosing comfortable chairs to sit on.

Many of the office chairs come with rollers. It provides easy movement on the chair and allows them to move from one work station to another without even standing up. Chairs without rollers are known as side chairs are solely intended for visitor’s usage in an office.

To be productive in a day, you need to be seated comfortably in your office chair. This is essentially true for all employees. If they don’t feel comfortable with their chair, they will spend more time on breaks than producing expected results.

An office chair can be adjusted in various ways to provide comfort. One important adjustment to make is the height of the chair. You will be uncomfortable when your feet don’t reach the floor or if your knees are folded to your chin. Modern office chairs need to be adjusted with a pneumatic cylinder that adds springiness to the chair.

You also need to provide the right amount of back support to make the chair really comfortable. Back support is required for those using a keyboard or typewriter for most of the day.

An office chair with adequate stool height is what most persons prefer when standing or working at a counter. The chairs provide back support that is not provided in a stool. The foot support is in a shape of a ring circling the chair. These chairs will provide relief when frequently standing, and will allow you to work efficiently.

There are many providers of office chairs online. You can select the best variety of chairs that will suit your preference and your need for comfort. Before deciding to buy the chair, have yourself seated on the chair to test its capabilities. You can check this out online especially if they provide the best prices. Look for online shops that provide free shipping to your address, so you do more savings.

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July 5th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce


Australia’s federal government is making preparations for the next phase of their office overhaul project, which will start in the latter half of 2018. The project will work on the commercial fitouts in Canberra and across the country, which is expected to deliver savings for the government, with the lowest estimates sitting at $200 million over four years.

The plans will allow for new contracts for larger property companies in the country as the government works to streamline its supply chain by cutting many of the suppliers. Currently, the commonwealth spends about $2 billion annually for the commercial fitouts in Canberra and across the country for its 94 departments and instrumentalities. Now, they have awarded new facilities management contracts to three key companies, which will go in effect on the first of July.

The three groups are Broad-Spectrum, Evolve and Jones Lang LaSalle, who will handle issues ranging from building maintenance to safety and security. The AU government currently spends $500m annually on facilities management, with the new deal, which reduces the suppliers to three, aimed at saving money via streamlined oversight.

According to Assistant Finance Minister David Coleman, there are also plans to overhaul the government’s $400m annual expenditure on commercial fitouts in Canberra and across the country, as well as improving the subletting of vacant government office space.

Coleman says that the government has already made some progress on reducing property costs for taxpayers, but there might be more on the way, adding that the AU government will be making further decisions later in 2018 regarding office fit-outs and subleasing.

The government has already made $105.3m in savings over the forward estimates thanks to the streamlining which cut costs on federal office space, with the next phase awaiting approval and estimates.

Back in May, the government released the Australia Government Occupancy Report for the financial year of 2017, which shows that it had manage to cut federal rental footprint by at least 9% since 2014 thanks to “Operation Tetris”, which resulted of 700,000m2 of unused office space being filled. An additional $100m in savings is expected over four years under the program.

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July 1st, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Sukhumvit is a cosmopolitan locality of Bangkok and has a host of entertainment and shopping facilities. The area is home to some of the best fine dining restaurants in Bangkok that serve a huge variety of cuisines. Visitors to Bangkok looking to venture and sample the food and nightlife scene of the city should stay in Sukhumvit.

Rooftop restaurants are the best places to enjoy a quiet meal with your friends and family while enjoying the best views of the city. Most of the hotels have their restaurants offering rooftop diningSukhumvit, allowing the clients to savour the dishes churned out by star rated chefs while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful views of the city of angels.

If you are looking for options in rooftop dining Sukhumvit, here are a few sources to get the list of amazing rooftop restaurants in the area.

  1. Book a hotel in Sukhumvit with a rooftopdining restaurant. Most of the hotels in Sukhumvitfeature rooftop bars and restaurants that offer amazing views of the city’s skyline. The hotels also offer good packages and offers to the in-house guests along with room bookings. You can search hotel-booking websites or visit the websites of the hotels in Sukhumvitto know about the amenities and facilities offered at the hotel.
  2. Use the World Wide Web to search for the restaurants offering rooftop dining inSukhumvit. There are a number of websites on the internet that provide a list of the best rooftop restaurants in the area. You can search for a restaurant that matches with your preferences regarding cuisine and budget.
  3. Ask for references from your local Thai friends. The locals will willingly share the list of their favourite restaurants and bars offering rooftop dining.This is the sure shot way to know about the best restaurants as the local residents frequent these places and know about the quality of food and service at these places.

Visiting a rooftop dining Sukhumvitrestaurant is an experience in itself. Select the right restaurant that serves your preferred cuisine and enjoy a scrumptious meal with your loved ones while taking in the visual delights of the beautiful skyline of the city.

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June 23rd, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

You can derive a good impression if you have a neat and clean environment. It’s for this reason why several large companies hire commercial cleaning services in Sydney for their cleanliness. However, they need to be chosen carefully to ensure high quality service, which will make everyone happy. It really is a good reason to hire a reputable cleaning service, and below you’ll find important tips to choosing the best ones:

  • Environment-friendly Cleaning Materials:

A reputable commercial cleaning services in Sydney utilises nontoxic and environment-friendly cleaning materials to ensure healthy cleaning.

  • Cleaning Checklist

If you work with a commercial cleaning service, ask if they can provide a cleaning checklist. It should let you know how they perform their work. Just ensure the checklist is signed by managements of other companies. This will safeguard you and your property.

  • Pricing Structure

Before you consider a cleaning service, you need to know about its pricing structure. Hire the company if you think they provide a reasonable price or a high quality service. A reputable company will target various packages to suit his cleaning needs.

  • Equipment

Before hiring a company, you need to know what equipment and cleaning products are provided. To ensure a spotless cleaning, a professional company will provide state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions. The professional cleaner with these facilities can provide a perfectly clean surrounding.

  • Insurance

Just in case for potential liability claim, insurance will protect the cleaning services. This is why you need to check if they have insurance certificate. Many of the companies provide a minimal amount for compensation, rather than brining an insurance certificate.

If you have checked these factors, all you need to do is compare other commercial cleaning services in Sydney and see which ones of them are right for your needs.

To know where to find commercial cleaners, you can always check the Internet for some listings. To know about the cleaning company, you may need to read positive and first-hand reviews and feedbacks from those who have tried their cleaning services. If you know the company is reputable, you will need to compare the prices. From there, you can choose the best company along with all these factors.

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June 22nd, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Owning a car is an advantage especially that you have a mode of transportation that takes you to places you want to go. However, the car will entail a great responsibility especially if you ride in it. You need to look after your car so that it will continue to be useful and to avoid possible problems. If it comes to tyres, you should consider installing Gold Coast tyres onto your vehicle.

Below are some points to consider when opting for the best tyres for your vehicle:

How will you use the tyres? In short, will you be driving your car to and from work or will you be using it for off-roading or long distances? If the tyres are made for all terrains, then you are assured that it’s suitable for wet or dry conditions as well as off road surfaces. If the tyres are innovated for high performance, you can expect the tyres will withstand long distance driving conditions and promote high speeds. So if you own a sports car and spend more time on the race track, choose high performance tyres like those offered by Gold Coast tyres providers.

You should also know what type of vehicle you have? Consider the vehicle type you need the tyres for. If you own a regular car, choose a tyre that is appropriate for passenger vehicles. The size and fit of the tyre is necessary for good functioning of the wheels. If you put the wrong tyre on the wheel, you can possibly meet accidents and add severe damages to your vehicle. For 4×4 or SUVs, you need a tyre for bigger cars where you can choose from Gold Coast tyres providers.

You should also focus on the tyre quality. Choose a tyre from a renowned quality and is reliable for specified conditions. Find a tyre that can recognise safety and protection for your vehicle. For instance, if you’re driving on wet and slippery road, will the car lose control or positively grip down the road without skidding out of control? So if you’re considering Gold Coast tyres, you’re ensuring safety and protection even if you’re driving on dark places.

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April 29th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Are you curious on where to buy magnets for your business? Whether you are an advertising officer from a huge company, own a small shop, or a mom operating a business from home, you are carefully monitoring your advertising budget so closely. The various ways to advertise include print ads, television commercials, giving out business cards and brochures, and even joining promotional competitions simply to improve business. And while these strategies seem effective, advertising like those shown on TV can be truly expensive. So some other ways to promote business is by using magnets in Brisbane, where you can customise it.

Giving out business cards can be an affordable option for this purpose. However, they are sometimes ignored, misplaced and even thrown away. Many business owners realise how ineffective this method can be; that is why they are now using customised magnets. People will just need to stick them in metal objects and find that the business may be useful to them in some ways. However, they need to know where to buy magnets in Brisbane and what you should look for.

A great place to begin your search for magnets are online websites where they offer many items that make your choice and can be customised. There are also retail stores that provide business cards with customised magnets for their clients. Check reputed providers so you get the choices you need for your business.

Purchasing the Precise Types of Magnets for Your Business

When you buy magnets in Brisbane, you will want to personalise it with your name or company name, phone number and actual address. You can also add your company logo which can help brand your business. To save money, you may want to buy it in bulk or wholesale.

Several businesses also choose calendar magnets to give away to their customers as a promotional item. You can even choose to buy car door magnets or business card magnets, whichever suits your needs. The good things about using these magnets in Brisbane are having you not to spend substantial amounts. This option is a wise choice for your business, as it promotes it to more populated areas.

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