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December 27th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

It is very likely for a specialist logistics company to benefit from 5G, the high performance network. Most consumer goods like clothing and accessories, TV’s and laptops travel thousands of miles before they reach the final destination. The use of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver real time information to systems so that they could track the item from the factory to customer.

The logistics industry that includes shipping, air and train freight is one of the major employers of the United Kingdom. According to results of market research, more than 56,000 businesses are directly supported by the logistics sector. At least 2.2 million or 8% of the total UK workforce are employed by logistics providers.

Most parcels spend their time in transit. The goods are initially logged out from manufacturing plants, warehouses and delivery depots but very little real time information exists during the journey between these points. When 5G or IoT is used, live information can be delivered to systems to track the goods from factory to consumer.

For example, a batch of OLED television sets are produced in a factory located in China’s industrial zone. After the TV’s are manufactured, they are loaded to a reusable plastic palette that has been fitted with an IoT sensor. While the TV makes its journey from the factory to the warehouse, the sensor would send information about journey time, traffic surge spots and changes in ambient temperature.

Information will be stored on the cloud and used when there is a need to improve services. After the TV’s have been delivered to the warehouse, they would be loaded to similar plastic palettes that could record the journey from the warehouse to the distribution centre to the customer. When the adoption of 5G is enhanced with IoT devices, real time tracking will provide data with absolute accuracy.

Full transparency on the status of your equipment is provided by specialist logistics company through the central management of all order-related data. The logistics company has partners with the expertise, competitive advantage and local presence to ensure that a consistent high level of service is provided throughput the equipment’s journey.

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December 15th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

One of the rooms inside the campus of the University of California in Los Angeles holds the Resomator. The room is very similar to a hospital room because it looks sterile but the main difference is that every patient inside the room is already deceased. These bodies have been donated to Dean Fisher who is the current director of the Donated Body Program under the David Geffen School of Medicine. While cremation offers a chance to buy cremation urns for children and adults, the families of the dead bodies who will be subjected to the Resomator will no longer have a body to bury or ashes to keep.

The donated bodies are used to test the alkaline hydrolysis equipment developed by Fisher. Once the body is subjected to the machine, it will turn into liquid and what remains will be pure white bone. The bones are to undergo pulverization before they are scattered around the coast close to Camp Pendleton. The powder will just float and disperse but it will not sink to the ground because it is made of 100 per cent calcium phosphate.

The resulting bones are already very brittle after going through the machine that a simple touch will destroy it. It was six years ago when Fisher developed the model of the machine. The prototype is only one out of three in the entire United States and it is not legal in California to have the machine sold in the commercial market.

Inside the machine is a chamber with high pressure that contains potassium hydroxide combined with water boiled to 150 degrees Celsius. This is where the biochemical reaction is happening which melts the flesh from the bone. It takes four hours for the process to be completed and the flesh is reduced to amino acids, sugar, peptides and salt.

The resulting liquid will then be processed until the pH is appropriate for the water treatment facility before sending down the drain. This is what Fisher believed is to be the future of death. It eliminates the need for cremation urns for children and adults as well as traditional coffins.

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December 6th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Accuracy is very important in the preparation of income tax returns. An error may result into a tax audit which will lead to significant professional fees. If the accountant offers Audit Shield, grab it because it for your own protection. Even giant tech companies are not spared from tax audits initiated by governments.

In an article printed opposite the editorial page of a German newspaper, Olaf Scholz, German minister of finance explains his proposal of a global minimum rate of corporate tax to ensure that multinational companies like Apple will pay domestic taxes according to the profits earned.

The European Union has long been attempting to require tech giants to refrain from using overly complicated accounting tricks to shuffle profits and minimize the taxes they pay to each government. Scholz’s Welt am Sonntag article is part of the larger effort to harmonize tax rates across the European Union. EU has member countries that have lower taxation levels like Ireland.

In the article, Scholz said that a worldwide minimum tax level is important with no state going below it. He particularly noted the exacerbation of internet economy which is a problem resulting from globalization. What the EU is trying to address is the placement of profits in low-tax locations.

This is not actually the first effort to introduce reforms in taxation so that companies can be stopped from shifting around their profits to avoid paying tax. Last August 2016, Apple received a tax bill amounting to 13 billion Euros ($15.5 billion) from the EU. It was claimed that Apple took advantage of illegal state aid which allowed the company to route its profits to Ireland. Apple paid the amount in full but it will be held in escrow while matters are being settled in court. Apple executives insist that they are paying every cent of all global requirements.

Accountants were happy when Audit Shield was introduced because they have insurance to offer their clients. Tax audit insurance is a protection against the significant professional fees that can be incurred by the client when the tax returns are audited. The audit process can be time consuming and expensive depending on the complexity of the tax issue.

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November 24th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Three weeks ago, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, told an audience in Brussels that tech companies have carefully assembled, synthesized, traded, sold and “weaponized” their user’s data to enrich companies that collect them. This zero-price model that is being used by businesses is actually the source of the many issues that are now plaguing the internet.

It is not a coincidence that Google, Facebook and Twitter are generating more than 80% of their revenues from advertising. These sites are frequently accused of the propagation of toxic content and compromise of privacy. On the other hand, Microsoft and Apple generate their revenues from selling software, hardware service but fly under the radar.

The zero-price business model comes in many forms online. For example, Wikipedia is considered as labor of love. Other companies offer a free entry-level product but they will eventually sell it for a premium later on. Free is essential to the profit model of search and social media. In order to generate ads, they have to maximize on users and engagement that result to the lowest possible barriers to their platform. They have to learn as much as possible about their users to create targeted ads.

However, free is not essentially free because users have to pay for attention and data. Users are exposed to lots of useless and sometimes harmful content. Senders and recipients of emails do not pay for postage but they have to spent time in deleting unwanted or spam messages.

In the online world where communication is cheap and free, there are many instances when bad communication beats good communication. For example, fake and paid reviews intermingle with free product advice provided by businesses on their web sites. Fake and manipulative news usually contaminates free news feeds.

Meanwhile, if you are planning for wedding, party or corporate event, party hire in Sydney can provide you with beautiful high quality marquees with accessories based on your requirements. Once you have established your requirements, a team will make an assessment of the area to determine the conditions that may affect installation. You will receive a quote on the same day or within 24 hours.

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November 20th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

The world’s temperature continues to rise and many are turning to their air conditioning system for relief. When more air conditioning systems are turned on, it causes the world’s temperature to hike up even more. This cycle goes on and on with no solution in sight. Not until the introduction of solar powered systems for residential use. Many of the locals are talking to companies supplying Gold Coast solar panel to know more about the benefits of using solar panels and how they can ease up the negative effect they are contributing to the environment.

Now a new technology was developed by scientists from China as well as the United States to address these issues. The technology is a form of solar panel innovation that has the capacity to collect the light that is coming from the sun which will then be converted to electricity. This is the same function performed by conventional solar panels but this new innovation has additional features – it can send back to space the excess heat of the sun which prevents the house from absorbing it.

According to Shanhui Fan, the senior author of the latest research who also happens to be an electrical engineer, they are proud to be able to create a device that will one day help in saving as well as creating energy. This is made possible by the device’s capacity to control the two aspects of light.

The principle used in the device is referred to as radiative cooling wherein the any object, such as structures and even human body, can give out heat through infrared light. During this process the object losses its heat because of thermal radiation. This might be the perfect solution to the Earth’s heating problem but sadly it is not a perfect system because the reflected heat is not guaranteed to pass to space 100 per cent which means that it stays suspended in the atmosphere.

While there are traditional options such as Gold Coast solar panel, this new innovation is not your everyday technology because if merged the conventional solar panel with radiative cooling device.

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November 20th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

An electric fence energiser is an electric device that handles the electrical pulse operated by a battery or electric power in the fence. You can use it to set the boundaries of your property and those found in it. The energiser will utilise a capacitor to store the charge and release it to the fence line or live wire. This then can ground an object or animal when they touch the electrical fence.

The pulse is sent to the live wire of the fence, which can vary on various brands and models of the energisers. The energiser can be battery or solar-powered. If it’s a battery-operated energiser, it will send a pulse time further apart to ensure the battery power is saved. There are several energisers that have buttons to allow the owners to time the pulse either fast, medium or low.

Knowing the Best Ways to Power the Electric Fence Energiser?

Depending on where you live, you must know that the electric fence energiser can be operated through batteries, solar or electric power. If you choose batteries, ensure that it’sfully charged to run more weeks of pulses.

How energisers are operatedis to utilise batteries attached to solar panels or a power source connected to electrical wiring. You will need to choose a power source that works best for your needs. If you choose batteries or solar-powered energisers, you cut downs costly expenses for power bills. After all, you only need sunlight to run it and make it fully charged.

You also ensure that the electric fence will run smoothly even in the middle midst of severe weather conditions. In times of power shortages, you have the battery or solar energiser running with reliability to ensure the safety of your property and everything around it. Just ensure you provide proper maintenance to your energiser, to make it last long.

If you choose electric fence energisers that are solar-powered, you ensure the fence is protected, especially when electricity is out. It can last many days if the batteries are fully loaded. Here, you save money from the installation rather than what mains-powered energisers can provide.

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November 15th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

One of the decisions that people have to make when building a home is the security feature. Is it enough to install security window screens and security doors to keep the burglar away or does the home need wired sensors connected to a home security system? In smart homes, security cameras can be controlled through voice commands.

Cable giant Comcast may soon be the commander of the smart home, not Amazon or Google. Comcast is currently testing a program, which would allow broadband-only customers to use their televisions as smart home hubs. The program will use Comcast’s existing hardware and software to power its X1 video service that will allow the TV in internet-only households to control security cameras integrated with voice command and connected light bulbs.

Amazon and Google have dominated the battle as the systems to be used when consolidating and controlling smart home devices like thermostats and connected locks. Google and Amazon have invested heavily to ensure that their systems will be the standard go-to device once smart homes become the norm.

According to a person in the know, Comcast’s test program streams internet videos through apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon but the cable giant is not competing with Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. Comcast is developing a product for broadband-only customers that will allow them to aggregate streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube through voice remote.

Comcast has already built a platform that will support smart home devices like connected door locks, thermostats and lights with support through the TV. X1 system has already integrated video streaming services and it has a remote that will respond to voice commands. Google and Amazon have emerged as the leaders in the smart speaker market with Amazon Echo holding 70% of the market and Google Home with 25%.

A security option for the home that does not require software is security window screens that do not include any intrusive bars or grills. An uninterrupted view can still be enjoyed through the windows because there are no objects that will block the environment. The window screens have superior strength to deter unwanted intruders.

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November 13th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Tencentis known in China as a technology giant developing video games. It might not be easy to find cheap CD keys of the games they have developed if there is actually one. In a recent announcement, the company said that they are going to employ facial recognition in order to monitor their players and put a name to their faces while they are playing Honor of Kings which is a video game released in the country.

The game is locally called WangzheRongyao but in the western part of the world it is called either Arena of Valor or Kings of Glory. The online game features battle scenario and can be played multiplayer. As of writing, it is one of the well-played games in China and its grossing is also record-breaking in the online industry.

Barely two months ago, Tencent said that around 1,000 video games who are in the Honor of Kings database are to be chosen in random. Their faces are going to be recorded before matching to the ID photos they have in the citizen database of China. This decision is part of the measure being implemented by the company to make sure that real names are used when logging in to the game in order to avoid children who are below 12 years old from playing in excess of one hour daily starting 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening. Minors who are 12 years and above, can play a maximum of two hours every day.

An additional feature is the blurring of the screen in case the player’s face is positioned too close to the monitor or the television screen. These are all put in place after the government of China criticized the gaming industry especially the game Honor of Kings. Xi Jinping who is the president of China, made an announcement about the bad side effects of playing too much video games. It is now easier to download video games and there are cheap CD keys available which is convenient even for minors to be able to play games regardless of where they are.

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October 15th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

The challenge is still on for the ceramic tile industry of Pakistan because of the continued increase in energy proves, the Import Trade Price or ITP is extremely low for imported tiles coming from China and other countries, the tax rates are higher than before and the amount of smuggle tiles coming from Iran has also spiked. It is safe to say that the local manufacturers of interior stone tiles are not happy about these developments.

International producers of ceramic and porcelain tiles are benefiting from the very low values of Import Trade Price and the fact that the country is not strict when it comes to smuggling regulations. Because of these, foreign manufacturers supply more than 40 per cent of the tile market which is equivalent to almost 80 million square meters. Domestic producers, on the other hand, are suffering because the production costs in the country are higher and the competition is not fair considering that the imported tile products are much cheaper.

Nearly 60 per cent of the tile market is located near or around Punjab. The remaining tile sales are coming from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. More the28 per cent of the market is already covered by imported tile manufacturers coming from China. Producers from European nations and other foreign countries only cover a very small fraction of the entire market which is estimated to be lower than one per cent.

Over 13 per cent of the market, however, is getting their supply from Iran which smuggles ceramic tiles into Pakistan. The remaining market is covered by local manufacturers including Forte, Master, Swat, Karam and Sonex. These companies have 50,000 employers and between 80 and 85 per cent of them are unskilled.

The industry is now calling to the government to help the manufacturers of interior stone tiles by decreasing energy costs and preventing foreign products from importing their products whether legally or illegally into Pakistan. Experts believed that the industry, if well supported and regulated, can grow significantly which will result to more employment opportunities for the locals as well as contribute to the country’s export and GDP.

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October 11th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

As the main commercial and economic centre of Vietnam, Saigon throbs with excitement and energy. With over nine million people and nearly six million motorbikes running on the busy city streets all day and night, the city fascinates the chaos with a luxury hotel in Saigon, some restaurants and cafes, and shopping centres. Definitely, there is something a visitor can recognise when spending a luxurious and worthwhile vacation to the busy metropolis.

From high-end shopping to rooftop dining, there’s certainly an exceptional luxury experience in Saigon:

  • Shopping

If you’re out for a genuine Chinese ambiance in Vietnam, why not be at the Binh Tay Market or the city’s Chinatown, where almost all locals go to shop. Or you can head to the Ho Chi Minh City Centre or Diamond Plaza for high-end shopping. You can also go to the Le Cong Kieu Street where you can shop famous antiques that an eager shopper will enjoy.

  • Rooftop Bars and Views

If you want to enjoy an incredible view of the city, go up the tallest Bitexco Financial Tower. You can proceed to the EON 51 Heli Bar if you love to enjoy the cocktails aside from the spectacular views. You can enjoy the sparkling wine with Tanqueray gin, lime juice and mint, or the Le Loi Johnny Walker whisky with soaked sugar cube and a dash of soda. Enjoy it while the music is at its loud side. There’s also the La Villa French Restaurant to go to if you like fine dining.

  • Central Post Office

The building was designed by Gustave Eiffel, which showcases the grand exterior of the French architectural design. When you enter this tourist attraction, you’ll be surprised that it’s a completely functional Post Office. On its walls are historical map murals of south Vietnam, Cholan and Saigon. A large mosaic of the late leader meets every people coming in and out of the building.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

At the city centre is the Notre Dame Cathedral with the statue of the peaceful St. Mary holding the globe. Constructed in the mid-1800s, the building showcases the classical French architecture. It’s located in a colourful corner of downtown and many tourists never miss a visit here. After a hectic tour and adventure, they return to the luxury hotel in Saigon to relax and soothe themselves.

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September 22nd, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

Technology is shaking up the financial advice sector because there are just too many options available right now and more are being launched. It is even surprising to know that there is a financial advice website that people can go to when they need help which eliminates the need to contact an advisor in the flesh. The change might be for good but it could be too much for some.

The big question now is whether the role of a financial advisor remains the same considering that there is now technology that can be accessed in every turn such as in buying and selling investment.

According to Toronto-based Coleman Wealth, Raymond James Ltd’s portfolio manager as well as senior vice president, Darren Coleman, the tools are definitely not the same as before. He added that the benefits will be for both parties – the financial advisor and the clients but there is nothing escaping the fact that some things can be confusing too. With the amount of technological tools available, it is like choosing one from 5,000 different flavours of ice cream.

Aside from the technology, the expectations of the investors have also changed with regards to how they are going to interact with their financial advisors. Creating and managing a portfolio is not as challenging as before with the help of smartphone devices and these very same devices are also the right hand of the advisors in order to know balancing, the forecasts of the technical aspects and the fund research.

The average population is also living longer than before therefore management of the financial aspect is taken in long-term. Mr. Coleman said that people are no longer confined to planning until they are 65 years old but rather they have to think about managing their money so they will be able to fund their lifestyle until they reach 95 years old.

There is also the dilemma of the increasing number of younger generation that prefers to use financial advice website rather than to search for an actual financial advisor they can consult and talk to.

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September 19th, 2018 by DonnaRLuce

An alliance of various companies are considering Western Australia’s capital city of Perth as home to LNG projects, expecting the city to be on par with Doha, Houston, and Aberdeen.

From Norway to Australia

Mike Deeks flew from London to Norway to push international businesses to establish engineering and logistics companies in Perth, opening up thousands of high-paying jobs to its residents. The Western Australia’s government hopes that these engineering and logistics companies in Perth like Worley Parsons, Halliburton, and Schlumberger would invest on local skilled workers, offering up to $200,000 annual salary.

The LNG Task Force

The push for these companies to employ locals will be led by Mark McGowan, Meredith Hammat, and other representatives from established companies and institutions in the country, including the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Shell, Wood side, Santos, and Chevron.

Mark McGowan explains that they are the gorilla in the industry. He adds that they have made plans to get the right people from the right companies to be in the same room and discuss this matter so that they can establish a long, successful future in Australia, and work together towards it.

Strong Local Service

McGowan adds that the city had the edge against established energy capitals, especially because they have a strong local service sector. They believe that the workers in Perth can provide high-quality service, not only in meeting the requirements of the company, but also in propelling innovations, and developing improvements to make the productivity even better. With up to 45,000 jobs projected to be available, many of the citizens in the city are high-skilled workers that could greatly contribute to the long-term success of the companies that would choose the city as their headquarters.

Stedman Ellis, an APPEA chief operating officer, explains that the competitive sector of the city can generate up to 8,250 local hobs. The city’s increasing capacity and exporting services are seen as their edge, marking Perth as one of the largest LNG hubs in the world.

According to a report conducted by consultants McKinsey and Company in 2016, left without any intervention from industries and the government, the service sector would support 10,000 to 15,000 less jobs in the country. Such is a huge number to fill in terms of unemployment and income disparity. This further highlights the importance of taking necessary steps to get companies on-board and invest in the city.

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