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June 13th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

For companies handling gym equipment installation, the increasing popularity of outdoor gyms is good news, with local governments calling in companies to set up the equipment.

One of the latest cities to get an outdoor gym is Brooklyn. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Prospect Park Alliance and Flatbush Councilmember Mathieu Eugene, Brooklyn got a new $750,000 adult recreation area at the Prospect Park Parade Ground, which opened earlier in May.

The fitness area is partly an outdoor gym, and contains 12 types of fitness equipment, designed to be used for people of all abilities. There’s also a section for group classes, as well as custom ‘step-up’ blocks, made of concrete.

President Sue Donoghue Prospect Park Alliance says that parks are important to the health and wellness of communities, and Brooklyn is no exception. She says that the new adult fitness area, for which they had to call gym equipment installation in, combined with the other improvements to the Parade Ground will do much to improve the quality of life. She extended thanks to Council member Eugene, a long-time ally and supporter of Prospect Park Alliance, for helping make this development possible, and aiding in keeping the Park vibrant for the many people that consider it part of their community.

The construction of the new recreation area was part of a project that started in the preceding spring, aimed at restoration a large part of the park. It included installing a new misting line along the soccer fields, which had artificial turfing that saw a lot of use. The new misting line is set on timers, and sprays a cooling screen of mist when the fields are hottest and under the most use. Other improvements included as part of the project were dealing with the drainage issues at Baseball Field 7, rebuilding the volleyball court, and then adding more trees for shade and installing new seating.

Currently, the Alliance is working on plans for the southwest end of Parade Group, with the goal of bringing in more fitness amenities for the people of the park. If all goes well, officials say that this new project will be done by 2021.

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May 27th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Right-to-repair proponents and small computer repair services providers might have just won a small victory from Apple, which is infamous for making it difficult for anyone but official stores and authorized repair shops to repair their products.

Motherboard, by Vice, recently acquired an ‘Apple Genuine Parts Repair’ presentation from April of 2018, which states that Apple has begun distributing its diagnostic software to several computer repair services providers outside of their network.

Said document also notes which parts are available to repairers and how the company now allows no restrictions on the types of repairs that third-party computer repair services providers can do to Apple products. That means that this could make it easier for owners of iPhone and Mac owners to get their products repaired without having to turn to their nearest Apple repair centers.

The document can be seen as an effort by Apple to placate the right-to-repair movement, which has been making ground across the world, even prompting legislative proposals in several states in the US, including Apple’s home base, California.

Apple has already taken heat for several repair-related issues over its operations due to their repair regulations are specifically designed to discourage customers from turning to third-party repairers, specifically for specific components, like an iPhone’s screens.

Back in 2016, Apple effectively made some iPhones defunct after the company detected unauthorized repairs. The company said that it was due to security reasons due to the fact that Touch ID’s fingerprint data is stored in a secure, remote location.

Computer repair firm iFixit, a frequent critic of Apple’s repair regulations and an advocate of the right to repair, the documents show a small, but welcome change towards in Apple’s approach to third-party repairs.

They note that Apple’s plan is a step in the right direction, but  it might be a PR move or begrudging compliance, due to how small of a step it is. iFixit says that the customers need more than these minor steps, they need comprehensive Right to Repair laws that mandate Apple and other major manufacturers to make components easily available, just like with cars and appliances.

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May 25th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

The evolution of solar technologies has influenced many people since the 1960s. In the past, solar photovoltaics seemed to be a future thing; however, the breakthroughs in technology today have positioned and prepared the industry to develop its potentials into greater levels.

Advances in solar energy technology

Many researchers have long been looking for a means to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of solar panels on the Gold Coast energy. A solar energy PV array is composed of numerous solar cells that each of them convert the radiance of sunlight into electrical energy.

  • Nanoparticles that are light-sensitive

There is a recent set of scientists at the Toronto University that discovered a new form of nanoparticles that are light-sensitive calling them “colloidal quantum dots” which many believe would offer cheaper and flexible materials used for solar panels. The new type of materials uses the “n” and “p” types semiconductors that can function outdoors. This discovery is a unique one. The past designs did not have the capacity to function outdoors, thus, they were not practical uses for the market.

  • Gallium Arsenide

Researchers in London also believe they have found gallium arsenide, a new material that can create PV solar systems that have thrice the efficiency of the existing products available. The cells of this new material can be altered chemically to capture more sunlight.

Advances in the storage of energy

One major concern of modern scientists is to look for new ways and means to store and keep energy that is produced by the solar PV systems. Because the sun does not shine the whole day, solar PVs can only meet electrical demands when the sun is shining which results in loss of electricity if not used. Although there are numerous types of batteries available on the stores, they cannot store energy for a long period and are still inefficient. Even the latest designs cannot meet the demands and are costly, so they don’t attract much customers. This is the reason why many scientists are exploring different alternatives to store electricity.

There are still numerous advances in technology that scientists want to develop to resolve the concerns of solar energy technology. When these new ways will be fully developed, many consumers can enormously reap the benefits of this technology.

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May 20th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Even event organisers have their own awards ceremony to celebrate the best of the industry, from the best marquee hire prices on the Gold Coast, to the best technological developers in the US. For the event industry, one of those awards are the Event Technology Awards ceremony, which has recently started accepting entries for their 2019 iteration.

The 2019 iteration of the event feature a revised list of 30 categories, which sees the return of popular categories like Outstanding Contribution to Event Technology. 2018 saw 250 entries, and the event’s organisers are expecting even more interest and applications for this year, from people with apps for marquee hire prices on the Gold Coast, to people who develop new ways to interact with attendees.

The online portal for the event’s 2019 iteration, started accepting entries on the 1st of April, Monday, at exactly 12pm; midday. Organisers for the event are partnering up with Evessio, their software provider, in order to make sure that the entry process for 2019 is as smooth as it can possibly be.

Co-Founder Adam Parry spoke on the 2019 awards, looking back at the first Event Technology Awards in 2013. He notes that the inaugural event happened back when the industry was just a small conglomerate. Now, they’re launching the 7th run of the event, to a sector that’s grown massively in the intervening years, becoming an important and respected part of the event industry. He says that their growth reflects the industry’s own growth, and they’re proud of being part of the event tech group.

D2i Systems’ Engage will be the sponsor for 2019’s Event Technology Awards. Sales and Marketing Director Matthew Wilson says that the event technology market is responsible for driving development in the event sector, and the event is the celebration of that. D2i aims to foster development in the industry, as much as they do to their own products. The Event Technology Awards, Wilson says, is an opportunity for them to welcome and support new players in the industry, which will encourage good awareness and development in the industry, on top of just being a solid business investment.

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May 12th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

A Philippine tile company, known for their large stone bathroom tiles, CEBU Oversea Hardware Co., Inc. (COHCI) recently revealed their latest product range at the World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) 2019.

The Cebu-based hardware construction and material supply company has been in operation for about 6 decades, with their tile importing operations running for about 2 decades currently.

They recently released their latest tile range, including the Spanish brand Baldocer, which offer large stone bathroom tiles and other porcelain tiles, dubbed B Plus. This collection is noteworthy due to the fact that the designs decorating them are added via inkjet technology, allowing for the creation of tiles that visually resemble marble, which makes it a cheaper alternative. These tiles are now available in COHCI’s home country of the Philippines, in sizes of 80×160 and 120×120, allowing them to be transported easily.

Baldocer Asian Market Export Director Oscar Vilar noted during a media briefing that the advent of the digital age has allowed for cheaper, more accessible alternatives to once rare and expensive materials. For the tile industry, inkjet technology allows for printing suitable designs on tiles, allowing for the creation of wood-, marble-, cement- or stone-like tiles which are cheaper, whilst looking the same as their counterparts.

Other tile alternatives, like vinyl, have not been detrimental to the sales of porcelain and ceramic tiles with the technology.

COHCI VP for Sales and Marketing says that there hasn’t been much disruption due to the fact that the demand for ceramic and porcelain tiles goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the construction industry itself, and the inkjet-based alternatives have their own market.

For example, onyx marble can be substituted with tiles that have the texture printed onto them. A square meter of onyx marble costs $500 from the quarry, while the porcelain tile alternative would cost around 20% of that.

Vilar notes that they’re able to exactly imitate materials, due in part to the fact that they use the excess from the actual material itself, compressed so that it can be used for the tiles. These tiles undergo direct pressing in order to create an even surface.

Other Spanish tile brands that the company has includes Alaplana, Cicogres and Argenta, alongside Capucino and Studio.

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May 10th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Office works, an famous retailer of office furniture in Auckland and across the world, recently opened their largest store in the AU, as well as the largest of its kind in the world, in Mentone, Victoria. The store began operations earlier in March 23.

The new store clocks in close to 6,500m2, four times bigger than the average Office works store, with a stock of 35,000 products, which is twice as much as the average store. The products available include a huge range of art supplies, as well as educational materials, which are the new categories that the retailer entered in 2018. Alongside these are the standard products, like office furniture, tech products, as well as professional copying and printing services, among others.

The retail brand, known for selling supplies and office furniture in Auckland and across the world, is taking a ‘more is more’ approach, with the Mentone branch to act as a field test. If operations are successful, they’ll take the ideas used in the store throughout the company network, adding more XXL-format stores around the AU in the next few years.

Office works Managing Director Sarah Hunter says that it’s more than just the new Mentone store, it’s about what the retailer can do for their stores in Australia, all 165.

The Mentone store is notable for the timing of its arrival, as other retailers are taking a more conservative approach to their stores, reducing the number of branches as well as average size, in order to compensate for increasing rents and decreased foot traffic, as well as to capitalize on the growth of the online shopping industry.

Hunter says that the decision made by Office works is solid, as it enables the company to show off to customers, to let them see that the retailer has more to offer than just office supplies.  She notes that other, smaller Office works stores don’t have the capacity to host the retailer’s full product range. Hunter says that not everyone wants to browse online, while some still want to get an up-close, personal look at products before considering a purchase.

Hunter says the new store is aimed at helping customers see what retailer can be, as well as to see how customers respond to seeing so many products in person.


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April 19th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

In a recent report published entitled 2019 Global Human Capital Trends which based on the survey conducted by Deloitte, the digital age will open up a new opportunity for jobs. The big difference is that instead of the traditional jobs, there will be openings for super jobs which are mainly powered by machines and data-driven. This could affect all industries including logistics in Perth which is currently one of the most important industries in the world.

According to analysts, new technologies will no longer be used to assist routine tasks but rather it will used as a tool to broaden the current scopes of every job which also entails that roles will be redefined.

It can be said that Australia is currently leading as it is able to adopt new technologies and make sure workers are prepare for what’s to come. In fact, around 95 per cent of the businesses within Australia are already preparing because it is expected that industries will be more dependent with modern technology including robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and cognitive technology.

Deloitte’s survey showed that 52 per cent of businesses are already employing automation in an extensive manner or in various functions within the company while 50 per cent are already trying new ways wherein AI can be used. There are also businesses, about 35 per cent, that are already utilizing AI but only for a few functions. For the 64 per cent of business, they propose to use more robotics in the coming years until 2022 while 74 per cent are preparing by hiring employees that have digital skills.

The lead partner of Deloitte Human Capital, David Brown, admitted that the workplace is slowly changing because of automation, AI and robotics but research revealed that majority of organizations are able to cope up with these changes. This is also changing the concepts of jobs therefore in order to fully make use of technology organizations are tasked to adjust in order to search for the human dimension that will complement with the given work.

For instance, routine works involved in logistics in Perth will soon be handled by machines therefore man power will be able to focus their skills on super jobs.

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March 25th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Choosing the right trucking in Guelph can make a lot of difference to the quality of job you may have. You can be driving a truck for a distinguished company in Guelph and decide to work as an independent driver.Therefore, you need to choose the right trucking partner to ensure you deal with professionals.

These days, trucking in Guelph is one of the many industries where licensed professionals are needed for the many job opportunities. As a skilled truck driver, you have the option to choose a trucking company to work with due to your in-demand skills. Your trucking company will surely meet your needs and expectations as they happen to be the ones giving you a job.

You need to consider the priorities of your personal life. You also need to establish good relationship with the trucking company. Try to know the types of trucking jobs you’re searching for. In your research, make these considerations help you find the best partner to work with a trucking company.

Choosing the Trucking Company

If you really want to work for a trucking company in Guelph, you must know first the types of freight you are going to haul. You must know the types of loads to carry and what equipment to use. Also, be familiar with the various routes to take in this company. To ensure you are well-paid, you need to know if they can give you a bonus for every milestone in your performance as well as safe driving. Also, know how much they will pay you and the arrangements of your salary whether weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

Provide Transparencies with the Kinds of Jobs They Have

Nowadays, the best companies use brand-new units to ensure their drivers use state-of-the-art technologies. It will also include websites and mobile apps for you to access their information, such as available loads, settlement statements, and more.

As you are working for a trucking service in Guelph, the company can give you visibility to available loads, which you can access through an electronic load board and other freight information. You must try to know if you can build personal relationships with nationwide agents before choosing a trucking in Guelph to work with.

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March 12th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Clients of specialist logistics services are guaranteed that their electronic equipment will be handled with utmost care. A team of engineers will provide the necessary technical support appropriate for the situation. Business owners no longer have to face the challenge of finding a logistics provider that will suit their shipment needs.

When EjiejiMunachiso was working on his final dissertation at the Coventry University in the UK, he was challenged by the inefficient logistics service of NIPOST in shipping important research documents from Nigeria. Logistics problems can happen to anyone because in Nigeria the logistics market is still segmented. Transport companies take care of interstate shipments while DHL is mostly involved in high value international shipments.

After months of testing and validation of an offline market, was launched. It is an on-demand platform that will make shipping easy and seamless for both individuals and businesses across the country.

A robust network was built for shipping providers that leverage on public transport systems that run in the city, dispatch companies, truck drivers, courier services and air, road and cargo companies. HubbonNG’s logistics solution is a 3-fold on-demand delivery booking platform where business owners can log in their location to gain a price estimate and order delivery for a shipment. A business directory will allow potential customers to find and interact with HubbonNG’s client businesses.

The logistics management system allows businesses to keep track of their orders with a log that shows costs incurred, items shipped and past senders and recipients including a change of details in their profile. When an individual or business signs up for an account, they can track their running costs and take inventory of shipments. HubbonNG will serve as a data bank of logistics for the country.

Every stage of the logistics process is covered by specialist logistics services and its team of experts. Specialist logistics support is provided to every client whether the shipment is machines used in medical laboratories or electronic equipment. A team of engineers will oversee the physical delivery of the equipment, installation and management according to the industry’s best practices. It is guaranteed that the client will be fully satisfied when the delivery is completed.

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March 1st, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

A Sydney wedding stylist is the perfect solution for those couples who dream a beautiful wedding but lack time to consider the preparations. The wedding stylist can provide them everything they need for the wedding, but they just need to specify a budget, so as not to go beyond limits.

The job of a wedding stylist may seem obscure, but they are there to help clients envision their dream wedding and make it a reality. They are responsible for the aesthetic components, from the decorations and flowers, to the dressing of the venue and the bridal party.

Is the Role of a Wedding Stylist the Same as a Wedding Planner?

The answer to this question is a no. While both may be working at organising a wedding, the Sydney wedding stylist may focus on the aesthetic design. The wedding planner focuses on the entire wedding itself from the arrival of the food to the ferrying of the guests. Going back to the wedding stylist, they will consider the overall appearance of the wedding, the colours of the decorations, and how the bridal entourage will look. They will be making the perfect backdrops of the ceremonies and photoshoots.

So, What Does Wedding Stylist Do?

What the Sydney wedding stylist does will depend on what the marrying couple expects for their wedding. While there are those who prefer a specific design for their wedding, there are also people who opt their wedding design from a trusted professional.

Generally, the wedding stylist will cater those people who agonise over their aesthetic design of the wedding. The stylist can come up with a wedding theme, which he will suggest to the couple. This will definitely help the couple have an overview on what’s going to take place at their wedding.

What’s the First Step in Hiring a Wedding Stylist?

If you want assistance from a wedding stylist, you need to define your taste and preference as a couple. You may need to come up with a collection of images to provide the chosen wedding stylist what you want especially with the style of your wedding.

To ensure you can choose the best wedding stylist in Sydney, you may need to interview a number of people that help you choose a theme. Listen carefully to what they say and ensure they listen to you as well. If you know they are right for your wedding needs, the chosen Sydney wedding stylist can help create a beautiful and memorable wedding.

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February 28th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

There’s a rare glitch in the key security of older car models, one that many a mechanic in Southport and Queensland aren’t really aware of. One that resulted in a Queenslander’s car to be taken in without his knowledge.

Josh Bingham, a brewery worker, thought that his Toyota Hilux ute had been stolen. According to him, he was leaving work for the night at a Noosaville craft brewery when he noticed that his ute was gone, resulting in him frantically looking for his car, and said that he couldn’t find it anywhere in the area, which led to him turning to the police.

At that stage, his hope that his car could be found before any potential thieves had the chance to deal substantial damage to it; he had no idea that it was sitting in a mechanic’s workshop just a few doors from his house.

The mechanic that brought in the car was recruited in order to service another Hilux, and received that vehicle’s keys, with instructions to pick it up from the side of the road around the corner. Their apprentice went to collect the car, with Mr. Bingham’s Hilux being the first vehicle encountered.

The part that got vehicle owners and many a mechanic in Southport and across Queensland raising their eyebrows, is that the keys for the other Hilux managed to unlock Mr. Bingham’s car and started the engine, which resulted in his Hilux being brought to the shop for service.

According to RACQ Principal Technical Researcher Russell Manning, it was a rare issue, for a key to fit another person’s car, but not unheard of. He says that the lock’s design means that there’s a finite number of key combinations for any particular lock, and that will depend on the lock’s design, meaning that there is a chance, however slim, that if one tries enough keys, one will find one that is either the same or close enough to start another car.

Manning says that the odds of this happening are, at best, thousands to one, and the odds of finding yourself near someone with a matching lock are even slimmer. He adds that this glitch was only present in older model vehicles, with more recent models relying on more secure electronic methods to ensure security.

Mr. Bingham was fortunate to find his ute, thanks to support from Facebook and other people in the local area. In return, the mechanic that accidentally grabbed his car gave it a free service, including new brakes, for free.

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February 27th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Construction boom is an advantage to many in the industry including plasterers in Sydney because the demand for skilled labour is also higher. This was recently documented in the United Kingdom based on the research published that shows how the average earnings of a bricklayer is 10 per cent higher compared to a typical architect.

The poll was conducted by the Federation of Master Builders which revealed that bricklayers are earning an average of £42,034 while an architect in the United Kingdom earns £38,228. A number of skilled workers in the country are also earning higher than before including plasterers, floorers and scaffolders. Based on one of the firms based in London, they are paying their bricklayers £90,000 annually.

Brian Berry, the chief executive of FMB, believes that money talks and it is evident upon looking annual salaries that many of those that are in the construction industry are earning higher compared to individuals who have graduate roles.

In England, the average salary of a university graduate is about £32,000 annually while bricklayers and roofers are getting paid an average of £42,000 all over the United Kingdom.

Berry therefore explained that it is not surprising that there are those who prefer to pursue a career where they can get into the construction industry.

For those who wanted to have a lucrative career dealing with technical trade, plumbing is the way to go because the average annual salary is £48,675. Following on the second spot are electricians earning £47,265 a year while third are civil engineers with annual earnings of £44,253. Other top paying skilled professionals include steel fixers, carpenters and joiners, floorers, roofers, plasterers, plant operatives, scaffolders and bricklayers.

Office for National Statistics revealed that architects in the United Kingdom are earning an annual salary of £38,228 while painters and decorators are earning £34,587. For those who are working as general construction operatives, the yearly salary is £32,392.

The goal of the government now is to create an equal esteem in technical education as well as academic to encourage the youth to give the same consideration to both. In Australia, skilled tradespeople such as plasterers in Sydney are also worried about their future since not many youths are inclined to enter the industry.

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