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September 19th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

COVID-19 hit a lot of industries and institutions across the world pretty hard, with many having to adopt notable changes in order to adapt. Industries like digital advertising, with its king kong marketing reviews and the like, have gained traction in spite of current global conditions. Others haven’t been as lucky.

Educational institutions in the US have been working on getting students to apply and enrol, and have turned to digital marketing’s increasing clout for that, according to a report from Kivvit, a communications and marketing firm.

Kivvit’s higher ed research team published Higher Education Digital Advertising Trends in the Age of COVID-19 earlier in June 2020, which took a look at the social media advertising done by 416 of the US’s higher education institutions between the 12th of March and the 19th of May. Data was provided by digital advertising tracking firm Pathmatics, and the review also analysed data and content from the advertisement campaigns. Kivvit then used their internal ad performance measurements in order to see what the major ideas and themes were behind the educational institutions’ campaigns.

Kivvit Chief Innovation Officer Zach Silber says that the amount that universities were spending on digital advertising was something that was really noteworthy for them, as a lot of them seem to have opted to embrace digital advertising to make the most of online learning during shutdowns.

The research team noted Western Governors University, a private online university, as one of the biggest examples. The institution nearly quadrupled its Facebook ad expenditures over the course of a year, which is a clear indicator of a strategy.

Higher ed Facebook ad expenditure went up by 7%, compared to the prior year, in the 10-week period studied by the report, with US’s educational institutions spending a total of about $55 million. Average Facebook ad expenditure sat at $131,402 per institution, amounting to an approximate monthly cost of $54,000. Private online universities accounted for the largest increases.

Brick-and-mortar schools also boosted their ad expenditures, with University of Florida, and Purdue promoting their online programs, while UC Berkeley and MIT promoted online tech courses.

Public institutions didn’t up their ad expenditures that much, but they still upped by about the same rate (21%) as the private institutions.

Silber says that the key for institutions is to consider things like king kong marketing reviews; how the people see them and their offerings. Visibility, he notes is the key, and educational institutions need to keep that in mind.


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July 12th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

 If you intend to transport hazardous materials, it is important that you utilize a specified truck such as those offered by to prevent the risks associated with transporting dangerous materials. Some of the dangers of transporting hazardous materials include fire, explosion, and damage of the vehicle while in transit, leaks, loss and theft and spills. Because of these associated hazards, it is critical that you only use a truck designed to transport hazardous materials. Here are some of the important details to keep in mind before transporting hazardous materials.

  • Identify the material and the hazards associated with it. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of dangers that can be caused by hazardous materials. This will help you in choosing the right type of truck to hire for the specific purpose. It is also important that you hire the service provider, such as in order for them to give you the right kind of truck for the service.
  • It is also important to do the right packaging before transporting the hazardous goods. Aside from using the right packaging, put correct labeling on the packages to inform those who will get into contact with the goods to take proper precaution in handling the packages. Indicate if the items are flammable, hazardous or containing toxic materials.
  • Another important thing to do is to follow proper handling procedures when loading or unloading the goods. If possible, let the transporting team handle the task as they are certainly trained and knowledgeable to handle such packages.
  • Find out if the truck that will carry the hazardous materials is equipped with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and if they are wearing the right safety gears such as googles, gloves and other forms of personal protective equipment. This will reveal how professional the company that will handle the cargo is.
  • In connection to that, choose a trucking company, such as with drivers who are certified to handle hazardous materials. You might want to ask for quotes from different service providers to determine which of them offers the most pocket-friendly service without affecting the quality of transporting service.

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April 13th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Published online articles about orthodontic braces may vary in quality. Others may lack information while some, according to a study from the Netherlands, may not be precise. Due to the convenience of online searching, more and more orthodontic patients look for answers on the web. While it helps many readers, there are people who question the kind of information they find.


To conduct a study, the team of researchers made use of different search engines to locate websites that provide oral hygiene advice for braces. They went on with specific search terms, such as “oral hygiene and braces”, “how to clean braces”, and other common terms. They were able to conduct an evaluation on at least 62 websites in terms of reliability, access, and usefulness. They also checked the level of readability and how complete the information they provide. Majority of the websites were written by professionals and edited by orthodontists. Only 15% were found to have been authored by unknown contributors. A lot of websites are also established by authentic clinics, such as, an online orthodontic page of Exeter Orthodontics.


The study finds that the websites can be accessible, especially those that include video instructions because they are good for audiences who are vision and hearing deficient. When it comes to readability, the pages scored moderate or on average. 13 to 15 year olds can easily understand their information. The websites also got a moderate score on the completeness of information. Majority of them were able to give instructions about how patients should brush their braces while half were recommending a good toothpaste brand. However, out of 62 websites, there were only 17 that are complete with oral hygiene guidelines. Researchers say it was problematic because patients should learn from online dental clinics especially about dental health. Patients who are not aware of the importance of properly cleaning teeth and braces are susceptible to dental and oral issues. This is why at, all necessary information that viewers should know are well-provided. You can also ask questions to the chat support agent that will pop out once you visit the page.

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April 13th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

With technology advancing as quickly as it does, industries and fields across the world are adapting to keep up. The majority of dentists and dental practices now have sites like, but some have started embracing things like automation and 3D technology.

University Malaya Faculty of Dentistry Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Firdaus Hariri made a statement on the matter, saying that technology is very useful for the dentistry industry, though its influence is quite new, and quite costly.

He notes that digital technology, unlike sites like and online presence, is costly, which is why the industry is slow on the uptake. Dr. Firdaus states that these costs would likely go to the patient.

Dr. Firdhaus, who also operates as a consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the University Malaya Medical Centre (UUMC) and the faculty’s Oral and Maxillofacial Clinical Sciences Department, states that IR4.0 is quite new, but is very much a welcome improvement. Among its many benefits, he says, it has eased the discomfort of patients, while also cutting down on the occupational health and safety hazards dentists have to deal with.

He notes how dentists only need to use a scanner, no bigger than a pen, to get an image of the teeth, which can be used to make a model, which, in turn, can be used to produce dental guides, dentures, or crowns, a process that would’ve taken several months in the past.

Dr. Firdhaus notes that IR4.0 can do a lot for the teaching of new dentists, which is why it must be integrated into the curriculum.  He admits that it, alongside software and robotics, need to be mastered by the dentistry field or they risk being left behind by the march of technology.

He does concede that while IR4.0 is necessary, it has rendered some skills, and the people who rely on those skills for their jobs, redundant, like technicians In charge of creating dental models.

Disruptive technology, Dr. Firdhaus notes, reduces the need for human presence in every process, but dentistry students still need the basic principle and skills to be able to practice safely and effectively.


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March 25th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the traditional ways of how pest extermination works. When IoT is applied, physical devices are embedded with electronics, sensors and internet connectivity to transform the way that pest control services manage everything. An IoT-enabled device with infrared sensors can monitor a property and detect any pest activity effectively.

Speaking of internet, low income customers in California will enjoy 5 years of free internet and low-cost plans under the T-Mobile merger settlement. This settled the lawsuit that California filed to block the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that 10 million low-income households in the US with children that are in school will be eligible for free broadband internet throughout the agreement. The 5-year deal will also include $700 million worth of Wi-Fi hotspot devices. California is restricted to not more than 2 million total devices and total connections a year.

California customers will be offered $15 per month plans with unlimited talk, text and 2 gigabytes of data. The $25 plan will include 5 gigabytes. Rate plans that were held in February 2019 will continue up to 2 years.

T-Mobile and Sprint announced their plans to merge last April 2018 but California did not like the way things were done by the 2 companies. Becerra argued that the merger threatens California jobs and consumer protection and disrupt innovations in the market. The settlement included protection for California markets and people including employment.

Even if the lawsuit was rejected by a New York federal district judge, Becerra was able to secure the safeguards it wanted. The agreement with T-Mobile ensures continuous fairness, good prices and fair competition. Sprint is the 3rd largest telecommunications company in the US while T-Mobile is the 4th. AT&T and Verizon Wireless are the 1st and 2nd largest companies.

Meanwhile, there is Bolinas, CA pest control services that is prepared to provide pest extermination services for homes and commercial establishments. They have dealt with a wide range of pests from bed bugs to ants, termites, spiders, flying insects and rodents. Be proactive and don’t wait for pests to do damage to a property before calling pest control services.


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March 14th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Businesses of all sizes believe that social media marketing is effective in reaching prospective customers. It has the power to bring your business to the peak of success and generate higher revenue. Listed below are some social media marketing tips that can help you with your campaigns on the internet.


  1. If you want to be visible on social media, you have to be consistent with your social content. Make sure that every now and then, you have updates and posts on your page. You also have to provide valuable and interesting information for your prospective customers to check on. Examples of great social content are photos, videos, and infographics. This will help you gather positive comments, the same with kingkong com au review that motivates business owners to maintain the good strategy.
  2. Make use of social media to project your brand image. One social media platform may be different from the other, but you should be consistent with the core identity of your business.
  3. It can also be the best channel for you to share your most impressive site and blog content. This will be a good way to establish loyal followers of your page. Once you achieve it, you will find yourself looking forward to uploading new content. One rule for this is to always make sure that it will be enjoyable to all of your readers. You see, content marketing and social media marketing can work hand in hand.
  4. Social media marketing does not only allow you to showcase your original content; it also gives you the chance to share curated links. If you find other sources that can help you with your business promotion, and you think they are interesting for your target audience, then do not think twice to link to them. As you improve the reliability of your business, you also get the opportunity of gaining some links in return. It may also be a good idea to include the reviews of the sources you find. For instance, if your followers read kingkong com au review, they will have the impression that you can also provide great products/services.

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February 18th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

Tens of thousands of seniors plan to spend their retirement days travelling to tourist destinations. One of the more popular destinations in Australia is the Northern Beaches in NSW near the Pacific Coast. Since most seniors are now tech-savvy, they use their mobile phones to book an airport transfer from Cairns Airport to the stunning Northern Beaches.

Since most seniors have fixed income, they do not have to receive large bills for their internet and mobile use. There are seniors who own a laptop, computer or mobile phone for their emails and to make some Google searches. It is also typical for seniors to use their gadgets to manage accounts and payments.

If a senior user does use Word and his only online requirements is email or Google search, an Android tablet or a Windows laptop will suffice. Both devices have all the free required apps.

Most seniors do not need Microsoft office 365 which means, they do not have to pay for a $129 yearly subscription. A decent mobile plan is good enough because seniors do not often play games or stream however, there must be flexibility to change plans without any lock-ins. Their devices are often used at home and only require a 25Mbps plan. This will allow a senior to enjoy Netflix or other streaming services.

Meanwhile, it is also common for some seniors to stream a lot. This usually happens when they have multiple TV’s and computers. In this case, they can upgrade to the 50Mbps or 100Mbps plans. An option to reduce the need for a larger mobile phone plan is to use Wi-Fi data when at home.

Many mobile phone carriers offer mobile broadband but it is usually too slow to allow streaming. Most mobile broadband only have 5/10/20 GB monthly data allowances which are only enough to check emails and make Google searches.

The smartphone can be used as a 4G modem so that only a few GB will be required per month. The smartphone can be tethered wirelessly to the laptop. The smartphone will appear as a Wi-Fi router SSID. The senior can use the smartphone instead of spending $15 with Vodaphone to get a home modem.

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January 20th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

The current market place is filled with highly competitive entrepreneurs and business individuals. Everyone is looking for ways to serve their customers in a faster, efficient and secure manner. This is the reason why, it is important for you to look for technological innovations, such as invoicing software that will help your business elevate in terms of success and popularity.  Here are some of the advantages of automated invoice.

Fast and simple

The software for invoice automation is designed to make it user-friendly. Thus, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to be able to operate and navigate the system. The moment you place some entries, they will be reflected in real-time so your orders and payment are updated right away.

Cloud storage

All your records are stored on cloud so you won’t have to worry about losing files especially in the event of natural catastrophes. At any time, you can retrieve lost files or corrupted ones because your invoicing software will back the files for you.

Supports branding

The good thing about the software is it allows you to edit the templates so you can add or remove whatever you like on the template to meet your business needs. This way, you can promote your brand however way you like.

Safe and secure

Online invoicing is guaranteed safe since it is automatically backed up on cloud. It also limits access and can only be accessed by those with authorization. You can be sure that your records are protected with layers of security protection.

Accepts different languages and currencies

If you cater globally, you would be happy to know that invoicing software has language options and your customers can place their payment using major currencies around the world.

24/7 Support

Having a round the clock support gives you that peace of mind that you will have someone to call if ever you experience system glitch or if you have questions that require immediate answers.


Because invoicing software is paperless, you can help save the environment by eliminating the need to use paper in your business transactions. You can just send your invoice via email and receive replies online.

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January 20th, 2020 by DonnaRLuce

According to a WTKR report, a woman who wants to remain anonymous almost became a victim of sexual assault were it not for the Emergency SOS feature on her iPhone. A friendly stranger who was asking for help to find his lost phone tried to sexually assault the women at the Oceanfront. The woman allowed the stranger to use “Find My iPhone” app and everything nearly turned into a nightmare.

You might never need it but it is important to learn how the Emergency SOS feature works. First, make sure that you are running the latest version of iOS, particularly those with older iPhones. Since iOS 11 works on devices that are as far back as the 2013-era iPhone 5, it would be a good thing to use this version on your device. If it is possible, try to upgrade to iOS12 to ensure that your location will be sent to the local 911 center if and when you use Emergency SOS.

If your device is an iPhone 8 or later, activate Emergency SOS by holding the side button of the device and one of its volume buttons. Emergency services can be called by flicking the slider that appears or by holding down the two buttons to trigger a countdown. Once the countdown hits zero, the device will automatically call emergency services.

For those with older iPhones like an iPhone 7 or earlier, tap the device’s top or side button 5 times in a rapid manner and then drag the slider to dial emergency services. The countdown feature is not available on older iPhones.

In the middle of the attack, the woman held the power and volume button down at the same time and the device automatically dialed 911. Since dispatch was on the line listening, police were sent to the woman’s location. The police caught the attacker who took off and run down the beach.

If you are accused of sexual assault, you need to talk with a criminal lawyer who will tell you about your rights, the defences and the legal system. The burden of proof is high in the criminal court and assault must be proven without any reasonable doubt.

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December 21st, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

There are some industries that require FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight. Some of these industries include food, freight or shipping, pharmaceuticals and moving industries, among others. If your business is inclined to hire trucks to meet your business demands, it is essential that you look for a company where you can get high quality service for business advantage. Here are some of the qualities in a trucking company that you should look for:

On-time service

Time is precious in service-oriented industries. A few minutes late could cost you valuable customers and time lost in business means potential profits lost. This is why you should hire a truck service company that recognizes how valuable time is for you and your customers. Read discussion boards to get customer feedback and find out how efficient your target company is when it comes to service delivery. You may also want to call the company’s frequent customers to get more information. If you see any indication that the company is delayed with their service delivery, look for another service provider.

Impressive truck equipment

When you hire FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight, you are putting a part of your business in the hands of the truck company. Make sure that your parcels or products are in good hands by checking the trucks and their equipment. As much as possible, choose a company that utilizes highly serviceable trucks without signs of accidents such as dents or breakage on the vehicle. Find out if the trucks that you are going to rent are regularly checked by qualified mechanics and if they have qualified drivers to perform the tasks for you.

Modern facilities 

One thing that will make the service delivery efficient is the use of modern communication and high-tech equipment. Before you hire FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight, find out how they do their tracking system and how they communicate with their drivers on field to ensure smooth service delivery. One of the latest devices for monitoring is the use of satellite tracking and internet load tracking. The use of internet to prove delivery is also a modern trend in the industry.

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October 13th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

Junk hauling and junk removal is set to become one of the biggest industries. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas making use of advanced technology for different aspects of waste management such as junk collection, transportation, sorting, recycling and finally junk disposal.

Like any other business, junk removal companies operate with many structures. Franchise model in junk removal is gaining traction from the last few years. Franchise model works wonders if there is proper branding, an efficient marketing program for local as well as national level and effective business systems. For example, if you have junk removal Orange County Company, you can have franchises in other parts of the country.

The main business of junk removal Orange County companies is to pick up unwanted things. Some common things removed by these companies are furniture, electronics, household goods, computers and their accessories, tyres, mattresses etc. Some junk removal companies also take away construction debris, glass and hazardous materials.

Advantages of Franchise Model for Junk Removal Business

  • The main advantage of franchise model for junk hauling is that your company can have presence all over the country.
  • You can benefit from the increased interest in waste management and junk removal services by offering franchisees to interested people in other cities and states across the country.
  • BY working on the right brand promotion and marketing strategies, you can have clients all over the country.
  • You can expand into newer territories with minimum capital investment. Your company can grow without debt or equity.
  • One of the major problems faced by a company during expansion is the availability of managers. Franchising helps to overcome this problem. Since franchisees invest their money, they work hard to establish business and bring in new customers.
  • Franchising paves way for long term commitment.
  • A franchisee invests money in the business, so he will work hard to gain knowledge about your business and offers better quality services to the clients.
  • Franchisees have a stake in the business, so they are always on the lookout for new innovations and opportunities to improve the quality of service and create better relations with customers.

There are many advantages of franchising your junk removal Orange County business. It reduces your capital investment and helps your business to grow and expand.

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October 8th, 2019 by DonnaRLuce

British pilot Andy Wallace watched with disbelief footage of himself reaching 304 miles per hour in a Bugatti Chiron. It looked quite easy like a video game but Wallace said it required months of preparation, endless testing of wind tunnels, the right tires and an overwhelming amount of tech.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ boasts of 16 cylinders, 4 turbo-chargers and 1,600 horsepower. Engineers developed the car with speed in mind and it can cruise faster than a small plane. Since Michelin was already making tires for the standard Chiron, they knew how to upgrade the Super Sport’s tires.

According to Benjamin Vilpert, a Michelin engineer, his team headed to Charlotte, North Carolina where their firm helps NASA test tires for the space shuttle. Michelin wanted to ensure that the tires it has developed for Wallace’s high speed run will pass all known boundaries. They learned the limits of the current tire and reinforced it with belt. They tested the tires after defining the right conditions.

Testing of the tires involved several computer simulations and high speed runs on a dynometer. Because technology was very precise, the Chiron never touched down in Charlotte. The Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that were developed by Michelin were only mounted a week before testing started on the Ehra-Lessien track in Germany.

Bugatti was able to find out how the Chiron would handle as it approached and exceeded 300 miles per hour through computer simulations. Testing started in a wind tunnel that allowed speeds up to 65 yards per second. Since 149 yards per minute on the track must be covered, digital tools were used to fill the gap.

Digital tools helped the engineers in shaping the car’s aerodynamic profile including the extended rear end that will keep the car planted on its 4 wheels through the addition of drag. Wallace was confident because technology prepared the Chiron for the high speed run.

Even if you do not have a Buggati, you can buy brand new Michelin tires that are guaranteed free from defects. Because great emphasis is placed on precision, almost all popular tire designs are available to accommodate different needs.

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