Boiler Manufacturers Taking Advantage Of The Opportunities Provided By Technology

Technology is warmly embraced by people from homeowners to businesses and engineers that undertake boiler repairs in Wake field when there is a heating issue. Aside from the use of mobile technology for communication and interaction, voice-enable speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are gaining popularity.

The prices of digital assistants are gradually dropping and boiler manufacturers are taking advantage of the opportunity. In the near future, there will be smart boilers that will be compatible with numerous devices that the end user can control in different ways. According to Dan Moffroid, director of product management of Bosch Thermo technology, in the smart home system one device can control numerous smart features in a home and this includes the heating system.

Voice-controlled thermostats will become a part of a smart home ecosystem. The CT100 from Bosch is specifically designed to control Greenstar condensing boilers. The thermostat is integrated into the intelligence of the boiler by means of a wired connection. The CT100 can modulate the boiler, maintain the correct temperature and optimize the entire system to save both money and energy.

In residential boilers, homeowners usually interact with the thermostat to control the boiler. With CT100, homeowners will be allowed to have control over information. In fact, data protection is one of the biggest challenges in designing smart and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled boilers.

IoT-enabled devices are increasingly gaining popularity and Navien took the opportunity to launch the NaviLink System that includes a Wi-Fi module, power supply and a cable that will link the Wi-Fi module to the boiler control panel. The NaviLink app will allow homeowners wireless control over the home heating products.

Homeowners can use the app the turn the boiler on or off, control temperature, access usage data, activate recirculation system on the NPE-A tank-less water heaters and receive alarm notifications on the heating products.

Technology is also beneficial to engineers handling boiler repairs in Wakefield because they will have access to historical data, alarm notifications and unit diagnostics. In addition, boiler engineers can provide proactive maintenance before the boiler fails. Homeowners will avoid costly equipment failures. They will have the peace of mind that the boilers are functioning properly.

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