An Analysis Of The Industry Of Plumbing

Two years ago, the plumbing industry in the United States was as strong as $95 billion. This was according to the industry research firm IBIS World. The plumbing industry is usually dependent on the condition of the construction industry. However, the industry will continue to flourish as long as there are sinks, pipes, toilets and heating and air conditioning equipments around. There will always be a need for plumbers. During the period of recessions where the construction of new homes and commercial buildings have slowed down, the demand for plumbers still continue since there are repairs needed in existing installations.

The industry of plumbing

The US Census Bureau lumps up together the industries heating, air conditioning and plumbing industry. According to IBIS World, the businesses within the industry totals to approximately 154,000 and there are over 715,000 employees. With the economic problems and recession faced in 2008, the industry saw a decline by about 1.3 percent on an annual basis. But years after the recession it has already picked up and resumed back to its normal annual growth rate at 2.5 percent as the remodeling activities and construction projects are pouring in.

Business trends

The industry is composed of franchises as well as independent owner operated companies. But there is not really one company that stands out and dominates the market place. This makes the market an even playing ground for these businesses. Franchises present marketing, training as well as management tools that elevate the independent plumber into another level of professionalism as a plumbing technician, complete with utility vehicles and uniforms. The result for this type of service is better visibility and great consistency in the business.

Business issues

There are certain issues that dazzles the industry among these are business continuity concerns especially those relating to taxes. There are also worker safety issues being raised as they deal occasionally with toxins. Plumbers of M & S Plumbing are assured of a safe environment when working as they follow the statutory requirements when doing field works. Other issues raised are the work site conditions which include climbing in high places like roofs and high decks as well as crawling in spaces under large structures.

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